Your Guide to the Local Asheville Music Scene

Asheville is known for a lot of things, great food, amazing scenery, loads of events and our famous fall foliage. What you may not know about is our vibrant local music scene. From rock to country, jazz to bluegrass, and everything in between we have it here locally in Asheville. This week we'll share with you just a small review of the local scene. Want to hear more? Book your Asheville vacation today and enjoy all the music our great city has to offer. 

The Broadcast

First up in our line up of local talent is an infectiously fun band called The Broadcast. They say they are a rock-n-roll band, but that doesn't do them justice. They blend funk,  blues, and rock-n-roll into a groove that is all there own and one that will get your toes tapping and hips swaying. Caitlin Kisko and her partner, guitarist Aaron Austin, have put together something special. With two albums out, and touring all the time a night with The Broadcast is not one you'll forget. 

The Paper Crowns

Have you ever walked by a place and heard the sweet sounds of soulful music? The type of sound that just draws you in. Well, we apologize in advance for taking an hour of your time as you watch this band on YouTube (we won't tell your boss). Meet the Paper Crowns. With a rich sound, great lead vocals, and an amazing keyboardist, this band is one that will appeal to many music lovers. A little blues, some acid rock, some country, and a little Americana folk have all been tossed in the pot to create this savory dish that you're going to love. Plan your trip to Asheville in October and catch them at The Social on October 12. See you there. 

The Asheville Music Hall 

Some towns are just luckier than others. Here in Asheville, we're really lucky to have the Asheville Music Hall. It's located in the heart of downtown Asheville. The music hall opened in 2011 at the location of the former Stella Blue. Asheville Music Hall is the premier mid-sized venue in Asheville offering a quality venue for local artists and musicians. With a 360 person seating capacity, Asheville Music Hall is an all-genres venue that provides an intimate live music experience for all music fans. Wondering what's happening at the Music Hall during your Asheville vacation? Click here!

Asheville Jazz Orchestra 

You didn't think we were going to forget you Jazz aficionados out there. If you love Jazz then you'll love your Asheville vacation, because we are home to the Asheville Jazz Orchestra.  The orchestra is dedicated to advancing and preserving the big band jazz tradition. The 17-piece Asheville Jazz Orchestra is western North Carolina's premier big band. Whether they are playing a swing dance, club date, or formal concert, the Asheville Jazz Orchestra is the hardest swinging band in Asheville. Since 2005 this group of talented musicians has been making sweet big band jazz, and we're sure you'll agree. 

Asheville Street Performers

Some of the best music you'll hear in Ahseville will be from our various street musicians. You'll be surrounded by great music from the Friday night drum circle and from local musicians playing on street corners and in front of their favorite pub, proving once again that sometimes the best things in life are free.

The Low Down Sires

The Low Down Sires are dedicated to preserving the lost sounds of early jazz. They were inspired by the compositions and arrangements of Joe “King” Oliver, Edward “Kid” Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, and other giants from the storied origins of the art form. Their raucous style of big band swing transports you to the streets of New Orleans and the barrelhouses of early 20th century Mississippi river towns. Their performance style is both hard hitting and intimate, fitting in easily at bars, back porches, swing dances, and street corners. We dare you to try and not tap your feet when these guys are playing. 

River Whyless

Sometimes you stumble upon a gem, and we're sure when you hear the River Whyless you'll feel like you too have found something worth keeping. So go ahead and fire up the iTunes account and download everything by these guys. Is there an Asheville sound? Maybe, maybe not, but these guys and gals, another excellent example of the vibrant scene that you'll find here in Asheville. Watch the video above and see how a band can make even a typewriter sound amazing. With sultry smooth vocals and beautiful composition, this is a band you'll see big things from in the future. 

We wish we could share every great band in Asheville with you in this post, but instead, hopefully, you'll feel inspired to come visit our wonderful community and take in some of the local music. If you're ready today to enjoy these and many more bands give us a call at 888-861-9487 or click on the button below to plan your Asheville vacation and music experience. 

What's your favorite local band? Let us know in the comments below. 

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