5 Things You Do Not Want to Miss This Spring!

New Beginnings all Around!

No matter what your background is, Spring is a time of fresh starts. It's a contagious feeling from the earth itself that everything will be ok, you've made it through the worst of it, and (for a while at least) it's all smooth sailing from here. The earth itself seems to almost pause on the cusp of new life as the momentum of nature seems to hang suspended for a couple weeks before the explosion of visible results. Suddenly, flowers bloom, birds return from migration, and your winter clothes are stored until next year. Spring is like the perfect time to visit places like Asheville that have so many avenues for expressions and paths to bask in the natural beauty of the time of year. But once you're here, what do you do? What are some of the most fun things to do with your family? Well, to help you answer that, here is a list of 5 of activities that are both hallmarks of the season and unique to the mountains of North Carolina.

Children hunting Easter eggs in Asheville, NC1. Easter Egg Hunts!

As a child I had a love-hate relationship with Easter egg hunts. On the one hand, I loved the freedom of running around in my Easter dress. In my mind I looked like a fairy princess frolicking in a field, I realize now that more realistically I probably looked like some sugar-crazed child that wasn't bright enough to find an egg more than eighteen inches away from my foot. However on the other hand, I am and have always been horrible at finding hidden things! My younger brother would return to our parents with at least three times the amount of eggs I had (no, that's not an exaggeration, that is a testament to my horrific finding skills) and invariably he would have one of five eggs with the special prize voucher in it. My mother also always hides Easter baskets and every year that I'm home, I am the last to find mine. If you're children enjoy Easter egg hunts as much as I did (for the most part) Asheville has some fun options for them! For a traditional hunt with beautiful scenery, look into the Easter Egg Hunt at Biltmore or, if you want to instill value for our planet in your children as they hunt for eggs, you can take them to Easter on the Green.

2. Biltmore Blooms

If Biltmore Estate sounds relaxing sans the hustle and bustle of dozens of children scavenging for Easter eggs, Biltmore Blooms could be a nice alternative. Take your time and wander in gardens that are well known all over the country down to the vineyard and restaurant. And though they may not actually possess magical properties, they do make a magical scene you won't want to miss this spring!

3. Wild Food Foraging Child picking berries in Asheville NC

If educational hikes are something you enjoy, you can't miss this one! In the spirit of spring, follow "epicure of obscures" Alan Muskat on a hike as he highlights plants that are safe to eat. As you walk, you'll be taught how to identify plants on your own and given the opportunity to collect your own plants. After your hike, you'll prepare a meal with the plants you harvested and have a picnic! After you eat, you have the option to take the rest of your "haul" home, or to several local restaurants where the chef will use them to make something on the spot for free! This blend of uniqueness and information makes A Wild Food Forage one of the best hikes Asheville has to offer this year!

4. Dessert Tour

Black Mountain has a thriving culinary community that produces some of the most unique and tasty treats in the country. For their more delicious tour check out the Sweet Tooth Dessert Tour. Enjoy the best desserts Asheville has to offer as a little break from the great outdoors, or if there's a rainy day that ruins any outdoor plans you had. With a blend of information and delicious snacks, this is the perfect option for either a family day, or a fun thing to slip off to with your significant other.

Couple dancing in Asheville NC5. Grown-ups Night Out!

As great as kids are, sometimes you just need a break and want to do something fun and completely unique. Well, this spring we have the perfect opportunity for you! DJ Cosmo Q will be throwing a Great Gatsby Electro-Swing party! Revel in the big band sounds of the roaring twenties (and thirties) as they are reinvented for the twenty first century! Enjoy the state dance with a new and fun twist!

Spring has Sprung!

I truly think that Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. Fall is pretty, but there is something remarkably reassuring about the temperature warming up and the earth waking up. Asheville embodies the energy, potential, and creativity of spring perfectly. We hope this post gives you some inspiration for what you want to do. Take the opportunity this year to spend some quality time with your family and renew your relationships with all the vigor and promise of spring. 

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