Sounds Like a Party to Me!

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If you're a student or a parent, you know all the work it takes everyone involved to get to this point. As the oldest of two oldests in a family that knows its roots and is still relatively young in America, education is important to us. Both of my parents were the first in their families to attend and graduate from college. So graduating from either high school or college is a feat that is whole-heatedly celebrated in my family. Which is completely right; it's a monumental achievement and deserves to be celebrated! This moment has been twelve years in the making and four years of slaving to make it happen. But you're finally here, the day is fast approaching and it is time to sprint over the finish line and get some much needed rest and what better place to kick that off than Asheville.

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Very similar to the bright futures there are to choose from, the party activity choices in Asheville are numerous and varied. Early summer is the ideal time to come to Asheville, because so many activities are opening up for the year, like zip lining! The hiking trails are warming up and coming to life and the diverse creatures that inhabit them are just as lively. Swimming pools will have just opened up and will offer a welcome cool down to both exhausted students and parents. If your graduate is fascinated by the "retro" theme that is so popular right now, a roller rink may be another great option. Places like Tarwheels Skateway and Smoky Mountain Sk8tway are two great places that are close and nice facilities. These are just a few of the great options you could look into for your graduate's party before catching a meal out or going back to your rental for a cook out! 

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Asheville is the perfect place to commemorate the immense achievement of graduation because it's a community that was founded with the future of children in mind. Education has always been of high priority in our small town and the city was built on the backs of families. The land is stubborn and the people who settled them were just as determined to make something out of them. This year, take on their legacy and spend some time with your family and friends celebrating your graduate's accomplishment and the future that lays before them as uncertain, but beautiful as our mountains.

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