What Fascinating Historical Secrets Will You Uncover in Asheville?

What Fascinating Historical Secrets Will You Uncover in Asheville?

The allure of history: who can’t resist a real-life mystery or deep, dark secret? It is what the best books and movies are made from, and it is the inspiration for so much more. This summer is the perfect time to explore Asheville’s real life mysteries and secrets by revisiting the city's storied past. Especially as school lets out, a little historical vacation with the family is the perfect way to reinforce all those lessons your kids have been learning this past year. 

So, come one, come all, and join in the historical fun we have for you in Asheville! Whether you are a Civil War buff or a World War ll history enthusiast, we have a little something for everyone. We can’t wait to have you discover part of Asheville’s rich and delightful history with us. Book now, and make your historical vacation a reality!


Asheville, located very strategically in the mountains, was home to wealthy landlords and became a major Confederate stronghold in North Carolina. Despite all this, though, it never saw much fighting during the war. However, it did take two battles for the Union to take Asheville from the Confederates.

There are many intriguing historical Civil War sites in the Asheville area, and in Asheville itself. For example, you can visit the rebuilt Vance birth place. Zebulun Vance was a North Carolina governor, and then Senator, after the Civil War once he was pardoned for his involvement in the War Between the States. You can also visit Riverside Cemetery, where Zebulun Vance is now buried. Another fascinating Civil War site is the Smith-McDowell House.


Ah, the thrill of getting to rescue treasure before it is stolen and destroyed! That is exactly what happened in the real-life based film The Monuments Men, and that is also what happened in our very own Asheville. During World War 2, the National Gallery of Art's new director, David Finley, became concerned that in the case of an attack on American soil, the gallery would be in grave danger. David Finley was already a good friend of the Vanderbilts, and on one of his visits to the grand Biltmore estate he had learned that the house was fireproof (or as fireproof as a house possibly could be). That, on top of Asheville being a rather secluded spot, promoted Finley to request their help in his wartime effort. So the Vanderbilts secured the unfinished music room with steel bars on the windows and steel doors. In that safe haven Rembrandts, Raphaels, and van Dycks were preserved till the end of the war. 

The Grove Park Inn did its part in the war, too. The government took it over for a time and housed important prisoners of war there at the beginning of the war. Towards the end of World War 2, though, the Inn was used as a rest and rehabilitation camp by the US Navy for its sailors.


You can visit all of the fascinating Civil War historic sites that are in and around Asheville, such as Riverside Cemetery, as well as of course Biltmore with it's fascinating World War 2 history. If you would like to relive Asheville's intriguing past a little bit more, though, you can take one of these fascinating walking tours of Asheville. 

Asheville is rich in history, no matter what type of history you are looking for, whether that be the intrigue of the Civil War or of World War 2. We can’t wait to share all of the fascinating stories in Asheville’s past with you! Hurry and book your wonderful and interesting vacation with us now, and give you and your family a trip of a lifetime! 


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