Top 5 Ways to Get Fit and Have Fun on Vacation

Top 5 Ways to Get Fit and Have Fun on Vacation

We’ve all done it before: we’ve gone on vacation, relishing in the incredible luxury of being out of (most) of our routine. We have a free pass to skip the gym, to indulge in that cookie with our humongous latte in the morning, and to have that piece of dessert in the evening. After all, that is what vacation is all about, isn’t it? And then we get home and discover that we’ve gained 5 pounds and feel sluggish. Which is not the result we wanted from your vacation! We wanted to be rejuvenated! 

Let us show you how you can relax, indulge, have fun, and actually get fit while on vacation in the mountains of Asheville, NC! 


1). Sleep

You probably didn’t think this was going to be #1 on the list, did you? If you think about it for a moment, though, it will make sense. Our bodies repair from the crushing demands of stress, as well as physical injury, when we sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential for lowering our cortisol (that pesky stress hormone), and lowering cortisol is essential if we want to feel rested, happy, optimistic…and if we want to lose weight. That’s right! Sleep can even help you lose weight. Check out this WebMD article if you want to discover more of the incredible benefits that a good night’s sleep will bring you. 

Eat Breakfast 

2). Eat Breakfast

Are you thinking, "eating can help me lose weight?” while shaking your head? Before you discount eating breakfast as a weight loss tool, check out this article. Skipping breakfast might seem like a great idea when you are first waking up with a cup of coffee and aren’t hungry yet. After all, all the calories that you don’t eat add up to pounds that you don’t gain (and maybe even get to lose). However, if you skip breakfast all together you will more than make up for it with an enormous lunch most likely loaded with unhealthy fats. Fast food hamburger with all the sides, anyone? Eating just a little bit of breakfast, like some fruit and a piece of toast, will help keep your blood sugar levels more even so that you won’t be to the point of fainting from hunger before lunch. Meaning you can get by with a 500 calorie lunch rather than a 1,200 calorie one. 

All of our lovely rental homes are equipped with everything you need to make breakfast in the comfort of your pj’s. If instead, though, you are feeling like getting out and indulging (in moderation!) in a lovely breakfast or brunch, check out one of these restaurants here

Practice the Art of Savoring 

3). Practice the Art of Savoring

An excellent way to keep from gaining weight while on vacation is to practice the art of savoring. Savoring what? Everything! That steaming first cup of coffee in the morning can be a transcendent experience, especially if you have little kids in the house still. And sitting with a delicious vintage while watching the sunset out on the porch of one of our cabins in Asheville, NC, can send you over the moon with delight. Taking in all these pleasures of vacation make you less likely to reach for your customary pastry to help you feel good in the afternoon. Plus, savoring every bit of food you put into your mouth makes you less likely to stuff yourself. Meaning no weight gain. Who knows - you might savor every experience so much, finding you are happy with less food than normal, that you lose a few pounds on vacation!

Get Outside 

4). Get Outside

Our bodies were meant to be active. Have you ever watched a little child, say, at a meal or attempting to do homework, squirm and wriggle like they have ants in their pants? It’s because they have to move! It almost hurts them to be still for too long! As adults, we have learned to be still and sit at our desks for work. However, our bodies feel better and work better when we move them. Getting outside while on vacation is a delightful way to get out bodies moving! Plus, getting outside and taking in all the beauties of nature will also elevate your mood, which is definitely a benefit you are looking for from your vacation. 

Take a walk! Stroll through the grounds of the Biltmore or the charming streets of downtown Asheville. Explore. Please your senses with new sights and sounds and smells. This will keep you moving...and moving, because you just can’t get enough of all the delights around you! 

Skip the Gym 

5). Skip the Gym

That’s right. Skip the gym while on vacation. While you probably like going to the gym for the enhanced mood and body transformation your workouts give you, it is still just a little too much like work for a vacation. So give yourself a break! If you are used to intense physical activity, take a hike while on vacation! Run outside on a trail or go explore a new road. Giving yourself a fun new way to get your heart rate up will make you feel like you aren’t working out at all, which means your vacation will be that much more delightful. 


Are you ready to give the novel concept of getting fit while on vacation a try? Then book a lovely cabin in Asheville, NC, with us now! Treat yourself to a truly rejuvenating get away - you know you need it. 


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