Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Spend Easter in Asheville

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Spend Easter in Asheville 

Can you believe that it is so far into spring already that it is almost Easter? Here in Asheville, NC, the blooms definitely proclaim spring, as does the beautiful sunshine and aromatic spring breezes. 

Have you planned your vacation out yet for Easter weekend? Surely you have something fun in mind already! No? Then never fear! Make Asheville your destination of choice for a perfect spring getaway at one of these cabins in Asheville, NC. Let us show you 5 compelling reasons why you need to take a little spring vacation in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains here with us. 


For the Blooms 

1). For the Blooms

What is spring without enjoying the profuse beauty of its blooms? Just a breezy season between winter and summer. Don’t let this spring get away from you without making the most of every show-stopping moment. This stunning season is so fleeting that you can’t put off enjoying it for too long or it will slip through your fingers, and you don’t want an entire quarter of your year to slip through your fingers without noticing, do you? Of course not! 

So come to Asheville and savor spring the way it was meant to be savored with relaxing strolls amidst the blooms and beauty of the Biltmore estate. Walk around downtown Asheville and be captivated by its charm, and its flowers. Or just take a hike! There is no telling what dogwood and wild laurel delights you will discover while out in the comparative "wilds” that surround Asheville. 

For the Brunch 

2). For the Brunch

What would a weekend be without at least one brunch? Asheville is full of delights for even the most dedicated foodie! Check out the Red Stag Grill for an elegant Easter brunch complete with several courses served in a hunting lodge atmosphere. If you are feeling something a little bit more casual and very Southern, check out King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffles. Here you can get traditional, perfectly crafted chicken and waffles, or a unique take on the dish such as Korean chicken and waffles. Not feeling this very Southern dish? Don’t worry! Their menu is filled with other delectable offerings. 


For the Egg Hunt 

3). For the Egg Hunt!

Of course, you can’t take an Easter weekend vacation without going someplace with a fabulous egg hunt, especially if you have children. You certainly won’t want to miss the Biltmore’s egg hunt and celebration! The Easter Rabbit will make his appearance on the expansive front lawn of the estate, and will welcome photos with him. Plus, there will be magic shows, storytelling, music and more for your kids! There will be three egg hunts during the day, so you can easily fit one into your schedule, no matter how much you want to see and do. Read more information on this page here


For Relaxation 

4). For Relaxation 

A vacation is just not a vacation without at least a little relaxation! The stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, are the perfect spot to induce all of the rest and relaxation that you need. You will get to wake up to the sweet songs of birds right outside one of your cabin windows, heralding the new day as you sip your first cup of coffee and watch the fog and heavy dew melt away in the warming sun. Later in the day the gently swaying trees and the soft breeze in your hair will put a renewed spring into your step. And with all of the extra fresh air you will get as you savor nature, your sleep will be sweet and deep. 


For Family Time 

5). For Family Time

Besides relaxation, the main point of any vacation should be family time! Getting away from all of your daily school and work routines will help provide you with just that. Plus, between beautiful hiking trails, stunning gardens to visit, fun shops and restaurants to try, and of course the Easter egg hunt, you will be ensured plenty of screen-free time with your family. Which is just the way to make sweet, lasting memories. 

It is time to hurry and book your vacation for Easter Weekend here with us! Book now before it is too late. Don’t let one single moment of spring enjoyment escape you. We can’t wait to see you in Asheville for a little fun family time and much-needed relaxation! 


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