Top 5 Places to Enjoy Outstanding and Rare Fall Color

Top 5 Places to Enjoy Outstanding and Rare Fall Color 

Deep, blood reds flecked with vivid green. Shimmering amber fluttering in the breeze. Pure gold contrasting with bark that is dark with a cooling fall rain. The air smells earthy and alive, and it is refreshing as it caresses your cheek. Your boots click against the sidewalk as you wrap your jacket just a bit tighter around you. Then you sigh in contentment as you relish the beauties of fall in Asheville, NC.

Have you planned your fall vacation yet? Fall is a time full of creative energy and invigorating beauty, which means that it is also the perfect time to throw aside the normal cares of work and schedules and take a vacation to soak up all that rejuvenation that you need! And guess what? You don't need to travel to the North East to indulge in the perfect taste of fall! For one of the South's best kept secrets is the fall color in Asheville, NC. Here are 5 places where you can really soak up fall in Asheville, NC, in all its colorful glory, and get a taste of the North East without having to travel out of the South.

The Biltmore Estate

Ah, the sweeping, stunning grounds of the Biltmore! They are so beautiful, no matter the time of year. In fall, though, they become simply magical. The estate rolls through beautiful swells and dips that become bejeweled with stunning reds and golds and ambers at this time of year. There are many vantage points that you really must check out this fall at the Biltmore! Such as the view from the rooftop of the Biltmore House! If you want to capture a quintessential Biltmore photograph with the house framed by all the stunning colors of fall, then you must also check out the view from the top of the Rampe Douce (the staircase opposite the Biltmore House). If it is a romantic water view that you are longing for, then you must check out The Lagoon! It is truly stunning. After a visit you just might find yourself rhapsodizing or attempting to paint in the style of Monet. Check out this website here if you want to find out where you can experience more beautiful views on the Biltmore estate.

Biltmore Gardens

The Blue Ridge Parkway


The Blue Ridge Parkway is always stunning, rain or shine: misty mountains swathed in romance on those foggy or cloudy days, with the sun reaching even into the deepest crevices of the valleys on brilliantly sunny days. Because the mountain range is so scenic, there are many vantage points and lookouts for you to pull over and enjoy while you are out driving this scenic route! It is from these numerous viewpoints that you can glimpse the most panoramic fall color in Asheville, NC. Take a picnic lunch with you and indulge in one of the most beautiful fall views on the East Coast, for free!

Craggy Pinnacle Trail

If you enjoy hiking and think it sounds like a charming afternoon's entertainment to walk for the reward of a spectacular view, then you really must come out to Craggy Pinnacle Trail. This trail is located very close to Asheville, and it is a relatively easy climb as stone steps set into the mountain side are there to help you with your accent. At the top of the hike there is a viewing point where you can take in 360 degree views of stunning mountaintops and rolling hillsides covered in brilliant fall jewel tones! If you are looking for a solitary hike and uncrowded viewing point it is best to take this walk in the middle of the afternoon rather than at sunset.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Sunset Terrace

This is a fabulous restaurant with over-the-top views of the mountains surrounding Asheville, NC. The restaurant itself is a white-table clothe, covered terrace type of a restaurant. It provides elegant seating in an elegant yet rustic setting. The food is beautifully presented and delicious. What you really come to the Sunset Terrace for, though, is the view! Acres upon acres of brilliantly colored rolling hills - the view is stunning at any time of day! Make a reservation if you want to indulge in the scenery at sunset as the place is quite popular and can fill up very quickly.

Lake Lure

Now, if the stunning pictures of brilliant red and amber trees trailing down to a lake appeals to you, and that is the fall color in Asheville, NC, that you want to see, then you must come to Lake Lure! This man-made lake is less than 30 miles away from Asheville, and it is surrounded by deciduous tress that sweep down to the water’s edge in all their glory, just like in the photos of New England. Here you can savor some cool water sports, too, if you so like while surrounded by this incredible beauty. This is definitely a most satisfying (and slimming!) way to spend an afternoon this fall in Asheville, NC!

Lake Lure

Addison Farms Vineyard

Just barely 17 miles outside of Asheville, NC, lies Addison Farms Vineyard. This charming, family owned and run vineyard, winery, and tasting room is a spot that you will want to check out. It is a fabulous spot for sitting back and relaxing on a sunny fall afternoon while soaking up the fabulously tinted scenery.

If you are longing for a beautiful, brilliant fall vacation, then you absolutely must take a vacation in Asheville, NC! We have the beautiful chill of crisp fall weather along with mountains and fall color that is as brilliant as the famous New England falls…all without the long flight to New England! Come and discover the South’s best kept secret - a fall to rival all others - while staying with us in one of our fabulous vacation rentals in Asheville, NC. Book your vacation now! Fall is far too fleeting.

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