Top 5 Most Beautiful Courses to Play in the Summer

Top 5 Most Beautiful Courses to Play in the Summer

The cool breeze caresses your cheeks, fanning your hair off of your face. Birds twitter in the nearby trees as the sun brings the forest, and the links, to life. You feel supremely content. Delighted with your life. And it is all as a result of your vacation in Asheville, NC. Golf has a way of doing that to you! Of calming all your anxieties. And bringing serenity to your life. Golf is a beautiful thing, especially in Asheville, NC. And summer is the perfect time to play it, so long as you pick the best, shaded, courses in and near Asheville, NC, to indulge in! Which is exactly what we have compiled for you below:

Golf Course

Broadmoor Golf Links

Located in the beautiful greater Asheville, NC, region, Broadmoor Golf Links is situated in both the French Broad River Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Which means you get the stunning scenery unique to both locations: mountains, charming shaded vistas, and of course sitings of river bends. Of course, the course itself is incredible, being the championship golf course that it is. We can’t wait for you to check it out! If you can’t tell, it is one of our favorites.

Golf at The Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn has a beautiful, historic golf course that was designed by the lengendary course designer Donald Ross. It's a course just challenging enough to be thrilling, which makes it perfect for any golf enthusiast. And the fact that the course is attached to the Grove Park Inn, where you can catch a cool drink before or after tea time, and maybe even have a spa treatment too, makes this course perfect for that special summer time vacation. 


Golf Course

Reems Creek Golf Course

Do you long for a taste of Scotland? Those cool vistas and that misty clime married perfectly together on a stunning golf course? Well, we have god news for you! You don’t have to go all the way to Scotland to experience this. Instead, come to Reems Creek Golf Course, which was designed by a British firm who intentionally gave it the look and feel of the Scottish Highlands. 


Beech Mountain Golf

Beach Mountain’s beautiful and unique golf course is located even higher in the Blue Ridge Mountains than Asheville is. Which means that you are guaranteed cool summer temperatures no matter what time you play! Not only are the temperatures delightful, but the course itself is incredible, with the professional level fairways stretching across mountain ridges - all 18 holes! 

Tropical Gardens 

Of course, we can’t leave the kids out of a fabulously fun golf-filled vacation in Asheville, NC! Which is why you must check out Tropical Gardens Mini Golf when you are in Asheville on your much deserved family vacation. This adorable (and sometimes challenging) course is set literally within a tropical themed garden. It is sure to bring smiles to your kids faces!

We can’t wait to see you around Asheville this summer! Please make sure that you do take care of yourself this summer with the perfectly relaxing, rejuvenating golf vacation of your dreams. You more than deserve it. But you have to hurry - summer doesn’t last for ever! So, book now and ensure a happier life for you and your family. 


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