Tis the Season to Spring into Asheville

Tis the Seasons to Spring into Asheville 
There are all kinds of amazing events that seem to just fly by here in Asheville. The seasons can seem to change so quickly that you're only just hearing about a seasonal event as it's drawing to an end. To make sure that doesn't happen to you this year, we have found 5 of the most dynamic events gracing our city this spring. From fancy costume dinners, to interactive art experiences, this spring promises to be a fantastic opportunity for you to experience Asheville as the city was meant to be - diverse and lively! We guarantee that no matter what your disposition or interests, we have an event for you that you won't find anything that can stand up against it anywhere else!

Seussical the Musical - Now - March 6

Don't miss this opportunity to watch Asheville's well known community theatre perform the whimsical and wildly entertaining Seussical. Forget all your woes as the Cat in the Hat orchestrates and emcees a music-laden cavort through all of Dr. Seuss's most beloved stories. All the characters you know so well, have loved through your own childhood and loved to share with your children are back and finally colliding in a raucous show that will have you clutching your sides in mirth and lifting your spirits with the message that there is a place for everyone regardless of creed, lifestyle, race or anything else!

Downton Abbey Costume Banquet - Now - March 6

 Downton Abbey has swept through America with a craze that no one saw coming. For all of you who have fallen in love with a simpler time when family stood by you and a code of honor meant everything, we have an amazing event for you! Tickets are $85 per place and ensures you place for the Downton Abbey Costume Banquet experience Lex 18 Moonshine Bar and Restaurant. This event is specifically designed to take you to the world of the show with an authentic aristocratic four course banquet that is served by footmen with actors portraying colorful guests at the table. The evening will be concluded with a viewing of the latest episode of Downton Abbey and "prohibition" liqueur with the fifth course of dessert.

Neon Splash Paint Party - April 2

Who doesn't love a good party? And who doesn't love a good reason to get a little messy? Neon Splash Paint Party brings the term "living art" to a whole new level. As the largest Paint Party and as such, has swept across the country, drawing out people from every creed, nationality, and lifestyle into one vibrant (literally) interaction with paint, music and inclusion. Neon Paint Party has been described as "blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and visualizing affection and artistic creation". If you love electronic music, the sense of belonging to something bigger, and, perhaps most importantly, paint, this is a great event for you! Due to unforeseen weather complications this event has been rescheduled from its February date to April 2. All February tickets previously purchased are still valid and will be accepted.

Tour de Lure 2016 - April 2

 Tour de Lure is a 71 mile charity bike ride that attracts bikers from all over the county. The trail passes directly through McDowell Country, Stone Mountain, Chimney Rock and around Lake Lure before heading back to McDowell County by way of the Assault on Mr. Mitchell route. Tour de Lure directly benefits the YMCA programs in Western North Carolina, believing that each child holds the key to the next generation and is worth investing in. Tour de Lure recognizes that 71 miles can be a little daunting for less experienced athletes and almost mind blowing to certain bloggers, so they also have a 23 mile "Fun Ride" targeted at those who are new to cycling and want to get their wheels on the pavement!

Hands on Culinary Class - March 1-29

Do you love the unique culinary scene in Asheville? Are you an aspiring chef, or already handy in the kitchen? No matter what background you come from or the level of experience you have, you will not want to miss Hands On Culinary Classes with Chef Mike of the Farm Kitchen. Tickets are $40 a seat and each class only has about 12 spots, so make sure to save yours today! Appetizers and beverages will be served and are scheduled to end at 8:30. To make sure you get a seat in the class you want, check out the schedule below:
  • March 1 - Soups and Stocks
  • March 15 - Braising
  • March 29 - Sauces
No matter what your cup of tea or level of athletic endurance is, Asheville has a place for you! Don't miss any of our amazing and colorful events this year, our doors are always open. You know what they say, "home is where the heart is" and after a spring spent in Asheville, we guarantee your heart will be in our mountains!
 Happy Spring!

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