This is the 1 Perfect Winter Drink to Indulge In!

Perfect Winter Drink to Indulge In 

Are you looking for the perfect winter drink to keep you company over the hectic holiday season and help you unwind a little at night? Something refreshing. Cooling. Soothing. Creamy and sweet and rich without being too powerful?

Then we have discovered the perfect drink for you! In fact, you have probably already had one before and just didn’t know how easy it was to make at home!

What are we talking about? Why, a blissfully perfect White Russian, of course! This smooth, cool drink is like adult chocolate milk. (And it is definitely for those 21 and over only! Granted, if you want to let your kids have a special drink with you in the evenings, just add chocolate sauce to the heavy cream and leave out the Kahlua and the vodka.)

In under 5 minutes, with this recipe from Garnish with Lemon, you can easily create the perfect cocktail without the $10 price tag. Try it tonight and see what we mean. Here is to drinking responsibly!

The Recipe: White Russian

Classic White Russian Recipe Card

Perfect Winter Drink to Indulge In Pin


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