The Vegetarian Guide to Dining in Asheville

The Vegetarian Guide to Dining in Asheville | Asheville Connections

More and more people are embracing the vegetarian lifestyle and diet. Whether doing so for health or ethical reasons, vegetarians will find  Asheville offers vegetarians an extensive range of options from great vegetarian restaurants to unique markets. Let's get ready to explore the vegetarian side of Asheville. 

Dining In

All of our vacation homes offer well-appointed kitchens, so for those looking to cook their own meals we have everything you need right in your vacation rental. Cooking your own meals allows you to save money on eating out and is also an easy way for vegetarians to make sure they have all the nourish and tasty meals they desire. 

Of course, it is hard to make a fantastic fresh vegetarian meal without fresh local organic produce. You're in luck! When you choose an Asheville vacation, you're in the epicenter of fresh local produce. Each week there are at least three different farmer's markets. Here are three great farmer's markets you'll want to explore. 

Asheville Farmers Markets

WNC Farmers Market

The WNC Farmers Market is easily the biggest market in Asheville. The WNC Farmers Market is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The market features over 38,000 square feet of space and 194 stands, so finding just the right ingredients will not only be easy but fun. From eggplant to arugula this is a vegetarians dream come true.  The market is located at 570 Brevard Rd., Asheville, NC 28806.

River Arts District Farmers Market

You've heard us mention how cool the River District is in Asheville. Now it has become even more hip. Every Wednesday you can head down to the River District Farmers Market between 3 p.m and 6 p.m. and discover this delightful market. With loads of locally grown produce, you'll get a chance to interact and learn all about the vibrant local farm community that is dedicated to growing fresh local produce right here in Asheville's backyard. To find the market punch in 175 Clingman Dr., Asheville, NC into your GPS and your next stop is veggie heaven. 

North Asheville Tailgate Market

Our final market is the North Asheville Tailgate Market located at 3300 University Heights in Asheville. This market has been an Asheville community staple since 1980. With 40 vendors it may not be the biggest market but each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. you'll find a variety of local vendors, most of them being organic produce farmers. 

Vegetarian Restaurants You Have To Try 

If for you, like many, part of a great vacation is exploring the local restaurants, then Asheville is one of the most vegetarian dining scenes in the country. Loaded with fresh restaurants with inspired menus you'll love exploring Asheville's cuisine. Here are a few of the best places to nosh on veggies during your Asheville vacation. Don't see your favorite restaurant listed? Leave a comment below and let everyone know about it. We wish we could list all the restaurants, but think of this as an appetizer into the world of Asheville vegetarian cuisine. 

Best Indian Restaurants

Chai Pani Food | Asheville Connections

Chai Pani

Some things are just synonymous with Asheville and Chai Pani is one of those places. Featuring what they call Indian street food, they offer a menu of delicious dishes with a twist and most of them are vegetarian! Never had Indian street food? You don't know what you are missing, that is for sure. Try the Paneer Tikka Roll. We apologize in advance for your new found Indian food addiction. 

Mela Indian Restaurant

Mela Indian Restaurant offers authentic North and South Indian dishes as diverse and vibrant as the peoples and regions of India. The restaurant offers several vegetarian dishes as well as vegan dishes. Mela offers visitors a beautiful open-air setting that is delightful. Many people love their lunch buffet, but honestly, dinner is where Mela shines. 

Food at Mela Indian | Asheville Connections

Best Vegetarian Breakfast 

Food at Over Easy Cafe | Asheville Connections

Over Easy Cafe 

Nestled downtown at 32 Broadway S. you'll find the perfect breakfast spot. In 2005 current owner and former employee,Cason Lucci, bought the Over Easy Cafe, devoting all her energies to serving fresh locally sourced ingredients served up in tasty dishes you'll love.  From vegetarian to vegan there is something for everyone here at the Over Easy Cafe.  The cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Sunday. 

Early Girl Eatery 

Sometimes you run across one of those restaurants that combines a great atmosphere, amazing dishes, all made with fresh local ingredients. Located downtown, this is one of those spots that visitors come back to year after year. While the Early Girl Eatery is open for dinner Thursday-Sun 8 a.m to 9 p.m. for breakfast, they are open Mon-Wednesday 7:30 a.m to 3 p.m. Visit the Early Girl and let us know what your favorite vegetarian dish was. 

Food at Early Girl Eatery | Asheville Connections

Awesome Vegetarian Dinner and Lunch Locations

Food at Laughing Seed Cafe | Asheville Connections

Laughing Seed Cafe 

Billing themselves as Asheville's "original vegetarian restaurant," the Laughing Seed Cafe has been doing something right for a long time down on Wall St. in downtown Asheville. Perhaps best known as a place for dinner, they are open for lunch as well and if you are looking for a great place for brunch on Sunday look no further than the Laughing Seed Cafe. Try the Cauliflower Crust will never look at pizza the same way again. 

Rosetta's Kitchen 

Specializing in "Vegetarian and Vegan Soul Food," the folks at Rosetta's Kitchen have been serving up belly warming soul food with a vegetarian twist since 2002.  There is no doubt this casual cafe is an institution within the local vegetarian community, and we're sure that you'll put it on your "must eat" list during your Asheville vacation. 

Food at Rosetta's Kitchen | Asheville Connections
Food at Plant | Asheville Connections


If you are looking for an exclusively vegan restaurant in Asheville, you have to head over to Plant. Started in 2011 Plant has already become a staple within the community. In just a few short years Plant has won several awards including voted best vegetarian restaurant in the city, healthiest bite, greenest restaurant, best service, and among the most romantic places to dine.  Plant has garnered attention nationally, making lists from Zagat, Food and Wine, and PETA. They can't all be wrong. Find out what all the excitement is at Plant! Reservations are strongly recommended. 

Are you ready to explore all of Asheville's great vegetarian restaurants and have a wonderfully refreshing summer adventure in the mountains of North Carolina? If so, give us a call today at 888-861-9487 or click on the button below and start planning your Asheville vacation today. 

The Vegetarian Guide to Dining in Asheville | Asheville Connections

Do you have a vegetarian restaurant you love in Asheville? Let us know in the comments below. 

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