The Top 5 Charming Hairstyles You Need to Try This Fall

Charming Hairstyles You Need to Try This Fall

Ah, fall! Such a beautiful season out-of-doors! Fall in Asheville, NC, is especially beautiful. With the cool and slightly breezy weather that lifts our spirits after the long and hot summer comes one slight problem, if you want to call it that. (We don’t think it is!) That dilemma that fall brings with it is how to wear your hair to look fresh, hip, and seasonable.

Rather than spending valuable time styling your hair every single day (and who want’s to use up precious moments that you could use to sleep in or drink coffee?) when getting ready to run your kids to school, head to work, or savor vacation, make one of these super easy hairstyles your own. Each and every one of them is perfect for any situation you might run into during the day, from the boardroom to a romantic dinner in a fabulous vacation rental in Asheville, NC.

1). WavesWaves

This hairstyle is fabulous for those who already have long hair. And if you have long and already wavy hair, then you almost need to do nothing to achieve this gorgeous look besides spray a little sea-salt spray in your hair for added texture (or run a little medium-hold product through your strands to help retain your natural curl). If you have, though, long and straight hair, all you have to do is put a light-hold product in your hair, use a 1-inch curling wand, and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves to achieve a look more relaxed than the summer beach wave trend.

2). Easiest Top-Knot in the World

Another fabulous hairstyle for long hair is the top-knot (or voluminous bun). It takes less than 60 seconds to create in the morning, and will stay looking fabulous all day, especially if you have thick hair, even in the brisk fall breezes that we get in Asheville, NC. Now, there are all kinds of versions of the bun and top knot, and not all are crated equal. Just like with any hairstyle, some versions get so carried away you have to watch a five minute youtube video and practice for hours just to get them to turn out right. Not so with this version! Check out this fabulous (and short!) tutorial image on Pinterest and enjoy a quick hairdo!

3). Low, Rolled UpDoMessy Bun

Do you have shoulder length hair (or thereabouts) and long for a simple updo that only takes minutes to create yet keeps the moms in the carpool lane and the coffee shop line while you are on vacation green with envy? Then, this lovely low, rolled updo is for you! It is easy to create (unless you have especially long or thick hair, and then this might not become your go-to option). Because it is a low updo, this style also happens to look amazing on all face shapes, unlike some of the tighter and higher updos. Check out a picture and quick tutorial for it here

4). Bangs

Bangs are back! However, never fear, they are not your ’90’s bangs that you cringe at when you look at family photos, all straight and fluffy and non-blended. These, rather, are a fresh, modern, and beautifully feathered take on those hot ’70s and ’80s bangs you once had (or dreamed about having). Check out these lovely and chic examples of them here.

5). The "New” ShagBangs

Yes, this is another ‘80s throwback! Though you might not recognize that decade in this modern and chic take on the retro classic. Because of the beautiful shaping inside of this cut, it is flattering to absolutely all face shapes. We know that this is a little bit more daring that just trying out a new hairstyle, but fall is for taking fresh and daring leaps! Right? Of course! It might take a little time to achieve this cut on the first visit, but it is quite easy to maintain. And it always look fabulous no matter what you do to it in the mornings!

We can’t wait to see what hairstyle you decide to sport this fall while you are visiting with us in Asheville, NC! Let us know even sooner than your stunning fall vacation with us, and let us know what you decide to try in the comments below!

Charming Hairstyles You Need to Try This Fall

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