The Robot Zoo Finally Comes to Asheville!

In our modern society, technology is valued above almost everything else. We communicate, plan, play, work, and do practically everything else with it. It can be challenging in a culture that puts so much value on sitting down to get kids active and moving. While Asheville has a variety of outdoor activities to chose from, there is a unique opportunity to get the family engaged and active! True to it's nature of bringing things together that are often seen as competing, Asheville has a creative solution to bring both the world of technology and that of active education back together the way they were always meant to be. Every kid dreams about robots and on scale with lizards and bugs; the North Carolina Arboretum is helping bring that dream to life with the visiting Robot Zoo exhibit.

Giant Robots for Christmas

Take a day to explore the larger than life mechanical animals on loan to the North Carolina Arboretum Asheville. Each animal has panels removed from it's shell to display the inner workings represented by commonly used mechanical pieces. Each machine is interactive and has information about the more unique aspects of the creature it represents such as how a chameleon changes colors. This exhibit is only on loan until January 5th and is on display 9am-5pm everyday. The only charge is a $12 parking fee for each vehicle that comes. So carpool with your favorite group of people and see some insanely large critters, including a chameleon, platypus, and housefly. Pack a warm lunch and take your time meandering through the 434 acres of exotic and domestic plants. Don't miss your opportunity to see it while it's here! And while you have your parking pass, take a walk through the Winter Lights, on display the day after Thanksgiving (November 20) through the New Year! You can either make it a family day to remember or a romantic outing that will be hard to beat. 

The Question is not 'If' but 'When'!arboretum-robot-with-kids

This is a great memory for your family or group of friends for years to come! Take the opportunity to get some larger-than-life, once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Not only is the exhibit itself a unique opportunity, but the concept behind it is an excellent representation of Asheville itself. It takes the importance of physical activity, and the innovations of new technology and brings them together for an experience wholly unto itself.
Photo credit: Citizen Times 

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