The Great Outdoors You've Been Missing

The Great Outdoors You've Been Missing 

Asheville's Crowning Glory

Asheville has always been known for it's rustic beauty and as that reputation grows, it can be easy to overlook the obvious, or think you'll just "squeeze it in" while you're planning a trip. You don't even have to be an outdoor enthusiast to love Asheville's mountain views. Not only are there several ways for you to enjoy them that don't require massive amounts of effort, but if you do decide to do something new and take a hike, Asheville will not disappoint. With activities ranging from quiet drives, to peaceful hikes, to thrilling zip-lines, Asheville has a medium for everyone to enjoy the stunning natural beauty that surrounds us. Let me assure you that Asheville's outdoor activities are something you'll want to take the time to plan for. 
The Great Trails You've Been Missing

Great Trails

Asheville attracts nature lovers from all over the country, and that attention is well deserved. With trails that range from mountain views to waterfalls, and even some swimming holes along the way, hiking can be an enjoyable activity for everyone in your group! While hiking is great and is one of the activities Asheville is best known for, my attention has been brought (by my mother) to a slightly different demographic that doesn't often get represented in this forum. Ashevile is ready for bicyclists as well! We're happy to offer you trails just as beautiful as their hiking counterparts, and a range of difficulty levels and scenery to chose from.
 The Amazing Zip Lining You've been Missing

Amazing Zip Lining

Or if you enjoy something with a little bit of a rush, check out the awesome local zip-lining opportunities! Flying through the air and rushing through the mountain foliage is a unique experience you'll always look back on with fondness.
Beautiful Drives You've been Missing

Beautiful Scenic Drives

If you just can't convince someone that it's well worth the effort to take the hike/ride, Asheville has you covered there too! We don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to witness first hand the untamed beauty of the mountains. If mobility, time or energy is an issue, there are several scenic drives you can choose from, the most famous of which is the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The Motorcycle Tours You've been Missing 

 Incredible Local Tours

If a drive sounds relaxing, but doesn't quite meet your need for excitement you may want to consider taking one of the breath-taking drives through our mountains via motorcycle. Asheville is quickly becoming more popular in biker circles for the scenery along its routes. If you don't own a motorcycle or had to bring your car on your trip instead, there are several motorcycle rental companies as close as Waynesville like Indian Motorcycles or GSM MotoRent. If you like options, to know exactly what you're in for, and what stops are available on your ride (like the classic motorcycle museum) check out our piece on Motorcycle Touring through Asheville. If you like to be a little more spontaneous, feel free to figure out some great restaurants and stops to make and create your own route. There's so much to see and experience in Asheville you'll be coming back again and again to revisit favorites and make new ones! Or if you want to take in the local view without going too far out of town, you can always enjoy it while touring the Biltmore gardens or making your way around the green. Like most women, deep down, I love romantic gestures and special moments shared with those I care about. If you're looking for a truly unique way to spend time together in the great outdoors, look into star gazing! I just found out about this facet of Asheville tours and can't wait to go on one myself.
The Native Wildlife You've Been Missing

Inspiring Wildlife 

No matter how you do it, there's something deeply cleansing and invigorating to spend time with family and friends outside. Regardless of what that means for you, if you go on a hike or swing through the trees or just take a stroll around the garden, what matters are the memories you make. Take a camera and make sure that you remember your awesome day and any wildlife you happen to come across (Asheville has a wide range of indigenous animals, including otters!)! Asheville is a great place to build relationships and the outdoors is a way to get everyone engaged!

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