The Best Way to Experience Winter in the South

The Best Way to Experience Winter in the South

The snow is piling up around you, foot upon foot. One more lake-effect snow storm and you think you will actually be tired of hot-chocolate by the fire. You haven’t seen even a patch of sunshine for a month. What do you need? You need to escape the North East and indulge in a North Carolina vacation!

If you long to experience the delightful beauty of winter with temperatures way above freezing and actual sun shining down on you, bringing sparkle into your day, then you need a vacation in the stunning mountains of Asheville, NC. Cabins dot the mountains, nestled amongst trees that contain sweet song birds to grace the crisp winter air with their melodies. Fun abounds, along with beautiful vistas, here in Asheville, NC. Let us show you how to indulge in the delights of a perfect southern winter vacation!

Fly In 

Fly In to the Mountains

Did you know that Asheville has its own airport? United flies non-stop from Chicago, and Allegiant flies non-stop from both Baltimore and Newark. Plus, Delta and United fly into the Asheville airport via connections in Atlanta and Charlotte, respectively.

Of course, once you have flown in, (saving yourself from a 12-16 hour drive, which would only take up valuable vacation hours) you will want to rent a car so that you can easily get around our gorgeous mountain area. Conveniently, the airport has rental car agencies nearby.

Home Away From Home 

Get a Home Away From Home

A new adventure in a new environment is always more enjoyable when you have a cozy place to recharge in: a home-away-from-home! You will be happy to hear, then, that we have the perfect solution for you. Our cabins in Asheville, NC, are the perfect places for you come home to. Cozy, luxurious, located close to the Asheville city center. When you walk in the door of one of our lovely cabins, you will instantly feel surrounded by warmth. And by light. For, all our lovely homes are graced with large porches that look out over stunning views. Which are perfect for sipping your morning coffee while curled up in a blanket in a patch of sunshine.

Of course, once you have selected your charming home-away-from-home, you will naturally think about places where you can get groceries, go for coffee and breakfast, and indulge in a delicious dinner out. (insert links) Here in Asheville, we have everything you could wish for and more when it comes to amenities.

Local Delights 

Check Out the Local Delights

Not only do we have all the amenities you could wish for, we also have all kinds of local delights that you really should check out while you are staying with us. At the top of your list, you will want to put a trip to the Biltmore. The Biltmore in winter is like one of those winter fairytale homes you might imagine visiting in France or England. Another stunning place to visit in the winter is the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views are breathtaking, with the hues of blue not in the least diminished by the lack of leaves. Of course, if you are in the mountains in winter, you will probably want to indulge in some winter sports, such as skiing. You should check out our blog post here if you would like to indulge in some winter activities during your stay with us. Though, you might just want to stay close to "home" and savor the warm weather through walks and lounging on the porch, letting your toes and your nose thaw out in the sun!

Whether you choose to go out, stay in, or indulge in a combination of both, you will be more than pleased with a little winter vacation here with us in the South. We can’t wait to have you visit us! Come and thaw out, soak up some sun, and escape the frigid grey cold of the North East for a while.

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