Ten Fun Facts You Never Knew About Asheville

Ten Fun Facts You Never Knew About Asheville

Asheville is a unique and inspired place. Artists, musicians, outdoor enthusiasts (and honestly, just about anyone) will find themselves at home in our beautiful city. But, what do you really know about Asheville, North Carolina? We thought we would pull back the curtain and share ten fun facts that you may not know about Asheville. 

Biltmore connection

Did you know that the Biltmore Gardens were designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead? You may know Olmstead as the creator of New York City's famous Central Park. The Biltmore gardens include over 8,000 acres of beautiful landscaping that is well worth seeing during your Asheville vacation. 

Biltmore gardens

Let the music fill the air

There is no other way to say it, here in Asheville we love to let the music fill the air – literally! When you are walking along any street in downtown Asheville you are sure to hear the sound of music. Our music scene is a vibrant collection of alternative, indie, bluegrass, jazz and classical. From street performers to local venues, if you love music, you are going to love Asheville. 

We love drums

If you ever find yourself in downtown Asheville on a warm Friday night you just might hear the sounds of drums, a lot of drums! The Asheville drum circle is one of those unique and unofficial events that makes Asheville so unique. The drum circle is a collection of friends, strangers and visitors who work together to bring a pulsing rhythm to the downtown night. The circle meets from April through October at Pritchard Park (downtown on Patton Avenue at College Street). Get out your dancing shoes and come check it out. 

A foodie's paradise

When you think of foodie cities, you might think of New York, Seattle, Portland or Austin. However, one of the biggest foodie destinations in the nation is actually Asheville, North Carolina. The city has an amazing ecosystem of farmers, bakers, butchers and creameries, ensuring that just about everything is locally sourced, organic and free of antibiotics. Need a few places to try during your next visit? Check out Early Girl Eatery, Chai Pani or Corner Kitchen to name a few of our favorites. 

We have amazing drives

If you love a beautiful drive through the mountains then the Blue Ridge Parkway should be your next destination. This 400 mile route takes the driver through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The drive features incredible views, historic sites and perhaps best of all, a slow pace that just begs you to just relax and enjoy one of America's great treasures. Looking for more information about the Blue Ridge Parkway? Check out our previous post: A Brief History of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

"Keep Asheville weird"

During your Asheville vacation you may see bumper stickers with the slogan Keep Asheville weird. This isn't the official slogan of the city of Asheville, however, it is a sentiment that many residents share. Asheville is known as an eclectic and unique place to live. Our city is a wonderfully diverse place, full of artists, hippies, foodies and breweries (among other things) and visitors often marvel at our city's joyful and creative atmosphere. 

We're beer experts

Asheville is known for a lot of different things. But, we are really proud of our brewing heritage. Asheville is home to dozens of craft breweries. We are consistently named Beer City USA. If you love beer, the art of making beer and brewery culture, then you need to make a trip to Asheville. 

Want to learn more about our brewing culture? Check out our previous post: Everything You Need To Know About Our Local Brewery Tours.

Beer City USA

Adventure is everywhere

If you love adventure, Asheville is the place to be. There are tons of activities to try, from hiking, fly-fishing, zip-lines, and motorcycling (to name just a few). If you find yourself bored in Asheville we can't help you. There is so much to do and see that you'll be able to have a new adventure every day during your Asheville mountain vacation.

We have a zoo

One of Asheville's lesser known attractions is the Western North Carolina Nature Center. This wonderful destination is a great place to spend the day with friends and family. The center includes loads of interactive exhibits and a wonderful selection of native species. Our favorite is the bear exhibit. Make a day of it at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. You won't be disappointed. 

Waterfalls are everywhere

There is something magical about a waterfall. Whether you enjoy taking photos of them or just like the challenge of a good hike, a day that ends at a waterfall is wonderful day. There are literally dozens of incredible waterfalls within a short drive/hike of Asheville. If you love a waterfall you are going to love exploring our local trails. Want more information about the local waterfalls? Check out our previous post: Plan Your Asheville Waterfall Adventure.

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Ten Fun Facts You Never Knew About Asheville

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