Reading Asheville like a Book: 10 must read books in Asheville this winter

10 Books Asheville Loves! infographicThere are two general scenarios that can throw a fun winter day out of whack, weather and getting too cold. Spending time outside is great. Especially in the brisk winter air and with scenery as beautiful as Asheville provides. However, sometimes mother nature has other plans and getting out and about , down the slopes or gliding around the rink just isn't possible. Being a southern girl, I thought that snow was magical and when it came I could spend forever in it; the first time I skated in an outdoor rink, I was positive that's what heaven would feel like. However, when I went up north for college I was mildly horrified to find out how very little cold tolerance I truly possess especially when it seeps into my shoes and gets me damp. So for those of you who only stop when nature makes it impossible to go out or those of you more like a certain blogger who love snow in theory but after a little while outside enjoy looking at it better than touching it for an extended period of time, we have some awesome books that will give you flavor of Asheville with all the comfort that a fireplace and hot coco.
No matter if you just need a fun read over your Christmas Vacation or last minute inspiration for a gift, you can't go wrong with a little piece of Asheville to take home with you! From my hearth to yours, have a peaceful and Merry Christmas!
Flip through our synopsis of these great reads below or checkout our awesome infographic for a quick look at what these books are about!

The 6th installment of the "Outlander" series picks up just where "Fiery Cross" (#5) left off with Jamie forced to choose between this loyalty to the British throne and his desire for a new life in America. After finally deciding which claim is stronger in his life, but Jamie and his wife Claire are arrested on murder accusations when a "young jezabel" who claimed to be carrying Jamie's child is found dead. Meanwhile Brianna and Roger are enjoying matrimony until the much anticipated arrival of their child reveals a heart defect that not even Claire's ether can mend and they must choose to stay and loose the child or save her and go back through the stones.
"Don't Tell" is the perfect blend of suspense and romance. Mary Grace Winters only has one chance to escape her abusive husband. Running away and faking their deaths so convincingly that even a dirty cop like her him would believe it. Years later she finally has a chance with Max Hunters, a man who is good to her and her child despite his own scars. However, her whole new life is at risk when her husband starts to uncover the faint trail she left behind her when they left.
Set in the 50's and 60's "Listening for the Crack of  Dawn" is a series of short stories depicting a young man growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. Donald Davies is know all over the country and his unique style is said to make you feel like you're actually there watching the stories progress. And this particular work is described by fans as funny and true, nostalgic and bitter sweet.
Set in fictional Altamont, which is based on Thomas Wolfe's home in Asheville "Look Homeward Angel" begins not with the recollections of Eugene himself, but rather his parents'. As Wolfe follows Eugene's development he doesn't lose an opportunity to describe anything. If you want a detailed and realistic understanding of life in Asheville in the late 18th century this is the book for you! While it is technically classified as a novel, many experts believe "Look Homeward Angel" is autobiographical with Eugene's life mirroring Wolfe's own experiences.
As a sort of side side book from the other Nora Bonesteel books Sharyn McCrumb wrote this seasonal treat for her readers. When Nora's old Honycomb property sells, she's happy to have turned it over to someone who will bring life back into it. Though the new owners' intention is only to stay through the summer, they decide to stay for Christmas, they find some holiday surprises embedded in the house from years gone by. And when Sheriff Arrowood and Deputy LeDonne have to negotiate a call to arrest an elderly man a story of ghosts, angels, and reawakened memories is revealed.
The title character of "Serena" is the bride of George Pemberton who moved from Boston to the Mountains of North Carolina shortly after their marriage to begin building their lumber empire. Prior to Serena's arrival George impregnates a local girl and refuses to support her an the child. It is a dispute over that very topic that he is fighting with his lover's father over when George kills him just before Serena arrives. After she arrives the Pembertons' leave a bloody trail behind them of anyone who tries to stand in their way. Serena is already an Asheville favorite as filming for it just finished using local scenery.
The First Tycoon: the epic life of Cornelius Vanderbuilt by T. J. Stiles  
Americans have always been enthralled with Cinderella stories. People who come from little to end up becoming major movers and shakers speak to us all in a deep way because they prove that the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and our children could happen. This is just one of those stories. Chronicling the life and business of Cornelius Vanderbilt. From moments of outstanding integrity to  moral miss-steps follow the life of the man who owned one-ninth of printed U.S. currency. If you love reading local stories of success, then this is the book for you to wile away your empty holiday hours with.
Set between Mexico and Asheville North Carolina in early 20th century "The Lacuna" is the colorful story of Harrison Shepherd who finds himself caught between his American roots and his Mexican upbringing as both countries enter the growing pains into their modern identities. After finally deciding to settle in Asheville, America is plunged into World War II.  During a time of political upheaval and a universal sense of desperation Shepherd is forced to walk the line between truth and perception
"The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree" is about a small girl named Ruthie who is ecstatic that her family was chosen to provide the tree for their small mountain town church. In the Spring her father and her climb to the top of Rocky Ridge to chose one. But when her father is called to war, her and her mother must retrieve the perfect tree themselves.In a heart melting display of maternal love, her mother sacrifices her wedding gown to make Ruthie the new dress and doll she wants so desperately. At the close of service, the real surprise is that her father is finally home!

"Mandie and Joe's Christmas Surprise" is a Christmas special. The entire Mandie series focuses on a young orphan in the mountains of North Carolina who is brought to live with a wealthy man in town who she later finds out is her long-lost uncle. As she grows up Mandie travels (including Asheville) and finds herself surrounded by impossible mysteries, which she of course proceeds to solve. In this book Mandie is asked to head up her church's Christmas Eve skit, which turns into the perfect opportunity when the local orphanage might have to close down. Can Mandy and Joe save the orphans? Your preteen daughters will love finding out (I know I always did)!

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