Pumpkin Pickin and Corn Maze Runnin

pickin-pumpkins-and-corn-maze-runninEvery year the temperature drops, leaves change colors, corn gets tall and pumpkins get fat. The taller the corn gets, the more kids want to run through it, and the fatter the pumpkins get, the more we want to carve smiling and smirking faces in them (or if you're like me, roast their seeds and bake them into pie, but that's for next month). It's the natural order of things and it would be a crime to let something that's supposed to be as flawless as an autumn vacation to Asheville get in the way of experiencing them.

I pick, you pick, we all pick pumpkins!

There are a variety of farms located near Asheville that have a 
family-picking-pumpkinswide selection of "pre-picked" pumpkins to chose from, as well as entire patches for the kids to rummage through and find the perfect pumpkin. One such place is Justus Orchard, where you not only have the option of you-pick/pre-picked pumpkins, but also going into the orchard and picking your own apples (or just picking up an already picked bushel)! If you don't have the time to pick your own apples, check out the awesome Farm-fresh Bakery with apple pies, doughnuts, cider and other goodies to reward yourself for your hard work! Fresh caramel apples, with cider while you hallow out those pumpkins and get to work on your Jack-o-Lanterns is a perfect way to spend a few Autumn hours while simultaneously supporting local orchards! But Justus isn't the only orchard that offers pumpkin picking and good eating, check out Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard, Grandad's Apples 'N' Such, or Lyda Farms to find the right patch for you to pumpkin in!

It's a-MAZE-ing and for a good cause!

Eliada has been dedicated to provided a place for those in need since the early 20th century, originally focusing on unwed mothers and their children. In the last hundred 
years they have honed in their focus exclusively to children and now offer a range of services that covers everything from a highly structured school to foster care. Eliada's one and only goal it help as many children as they can in whatever capacity they can provide. What does this have to do with my clever pun? I'm glad you asked! As a fundraiser for all the programs at Eliada, they host an annual corn maze, that has become an event the entire community looks forward to! This is a great opportunity to not only have a fun afternoon with your kids, but also show them how important it is to be active in your community. All of the proceeds from the maze go directly to Eliada. If your a teacher, or just like incorporating educational aspects into your children's experiences, they also have several field trip options, for various age groups, that also supports Eliada 100%.
When it comes to our kids we was want the absolute best for them. We want them to have awesome memories of time spent doing crazy fun things with the family and we want them to have character that will last with those memories for their whole lives. So take some time to enjoy the fiber things in life, like pumpkin pickin' while also teaching life lessons.

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