Plan a Day of Adventure on the French Broad River

Plan a Day of Adventure on the French Broad River

Asheville has many distinctive characteristics, but perhaps none are as defining as the French Broad River. Located in the heart of Asheville, the river is a huge part of the local culture. You might think that a river is not that exciting, but after spending a day on and around the French Broad River, we think you'll come to agree with us. This river is the true hidden gem of the North Carolina mountains. 

Canoe or Kayak adventures

Canoeing and kayaking are both fun and easy was to explore the French Broad River. The river is wide, slow and fairly shallow, making it perfect for canoeing and kayaking. There are loads of places in the Asheville area to launch your canoe or kayak. If you are a first time kayaker (or maybe you are dusting off the old family canoe for the first time in several years), few places are as easy to navigate as the French Broad River. 

Go tubing

Tubing on the French Broad River is an extremely popular activity. Tubing requires no special skill, is easy for kids and adults alike, and, well – just plain fun. 

If you've never been tubing you are in for a treat. Just look at the fun this family is having in this video. There is something relaxing about sitting back with your feet in the water, watching the world go by as you float down the gentle current of the French Broad River. There are a lot of tour and outfitter companies in Asheville that will be happy to set you up for your first tubing experience. 

Perfect homeschooling opportunity

These days, more and more families are homeschooling or having to participate in virtual learning. Whether you just need a field trip or want a full lesson plan, there is no reason not to take advantage of all the river has to offer. Discover wildlife, learn about ecology, hydrology and or just how important this natural landmark is to North Carolina. The river has plenty of wisdom to share with your school-age kids. 

Go fishing

Did you know that the French Broad River is one of the best small mouth bass habitats in the country? People flock to the area to try and catch these wily fish. Trout and other fish are abundant at different times of the year. Fly-fishing, bait reels, and tackle are all great ways to stalk these elusive fish. Don't forget to get your NC Fishing license before you hit the water. 

Walk and ride

There are several miles of trails and parks along the river in Asheville. This provides cyclists, joggers and walkers alike a great place to get out and get moving. The area is safe, fun and easy to find. If you are trying to kick off the new year with a resolution to move more, look no further than the French Broad River. 

Enjoy nature

The French Broad River is packed with wildlife. Did you know that the area around the river is one of the best places in the state to bird watch? Migratory birds have long used the river as part of their habitat. However, you never know what wildlife you might run across on and around the French Broad River. But, don't take our word for it, take a look at this video and learn more.  

Discover the parks

Asheville has a couple of great parks right on the banks of the river. This is the ideal spot for a picnic, family gathering, or maybe the best place to throw down a blanket and enjoy a good book. The Asheville area parks are always well-maintained and have plenty of parking, making them the perfect pit stop during your next Asheville mountain vacation. 

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, but you can't have a French Broad River adventure if you don't book an Asheville mountain vacation. Give us a call today at 828-274-6978 or click the button below to see our selection of cabins right here in the heart of Asheville. 

Plan a Day of Adventure on the French Broad River

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