Oktober 2015 Barrels into Asheville

It's no secret that Asheville loves beer and the feeling seems to be mutual. Not only do we have a month dedicated to it, but we have become a favorite place for micro and macro breweries alike to set up shop. Our crisp mountain air and colorful local flair bring out the best in new creations as well as well-known favorites. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that Asheville embraces the tradition of Oktoberfest! This well-known German festival was quick to become a local favorite as well and now is one of the highlights of Asheville's social calendar. Bring your friends, make your own memories and see what we're all buzzing about here in western North Carolina! This year's Oktoberfest is sure to be better than ever!
Enjoy watching modern Asheville culture blend with German culture! Tickets start at $35 and the event is slotted to begin on October 10. Wander the entire festival and sample bratwurst, pretzels, and other traditional German dishes! And feel free to mix and match your food with the various beer samples; there will be many samples of various "all year" brews as well as seasonal brews and specific "Ocktoberfest" themed brews. Due to all of the alcohol present at the festival, it is a stricktly 21 and older event. This festival is a great chance to get to know the streets of Asheville as well as know which brew is your favorite!
Oktoberfest in Asheville is one of those events that is made wholly unique by the nature of the event as well as the location it takes place in. Asheville lends it's quirkiness and passion to the already culturally colorful event and makes it all the more vibrant. Bring your friends or loved ones with you and enjoy a day milling the streets and sampling German food, beer, music and lederhosen!

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