Myths and Legends of the Carolinas: Just What Mysteries Delight You?

 Myths and Legends of the Carolinas: Just What Mysteries Delight You?

The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting longer. There is a decided chill in the air that whispers to something deep within us about hot apple cider, mugs of hot chocolate, and stories told around the fire. 


At one of our Asheville cabin rentals you will have the mood set for the perfect story telling environment. All you have to do is make the hot chocolate and toast the marshmallows - we have provided the perfect ghost story for you and  your family.

The Myth: The Pink Lady of the Grove Park InnDebutante

In Asheville’s Grove Park Inn, there is a story of a resident ghost. A rather kindly ghost, in fact, who roams the halls interacting with guests, mostly children. The Pink Lady is considered a permanent resident by the staff at the Grove Park Inn, and is loved by both the staff and visitors alike. 

In the early 1900s, there was a young debutante staying at the Grove Park Inn, whether meeting with her married lover or "coming out”, the stories differ. The married lover story continues on to say that, when the man cut off their relationship during their clandestine meeting, the young woman threw herself off of their balcony in despair. On the other side of the coin, the debutante "coming out” story goes on to say that the young woman in her excitement leaned too far over the balcony of her room and toppled headlong onto the drive. 

Whatever the young woman’s reason for visiting the inn, she decided that she liked it so much she stayed. As a young woman herself, she has a special affinity for children, often being seen by them, especially when a child falls sick. Sometimes, she will even be seen sitting beside their beds, stroking their heads and softly talking to them. She is also supposedly keen on playing pranks, waking people up in the middle of the night with a tickle on the bottom of the feet, or turning the lights or the air conditioning off. 

True or False? 

Is this just a myth? Or is it more than a good ghost story? 

There really was a young woman who fell to her death from the fifth floor of the inn in the 1920s. Though why, again, the details are sketchy. The question is, now, is there really a ghost - this mysterious Pink Lady? You just might have to find out for yourself! 

If you are looking for more delightful ghost stories, whether spine tingling tales or warm and delightful anecdote, check out this site here. And, book now for your thrilling, potentially ghost laden vacation here in Asheville! 


Myths and Legends of the Carolinas: Just What Mysteries Delight You Pin

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