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In our attempts to throw ourselves into the present and live life to the fullest, we often fail to look to the future. One thing my mother has expressed disappointment in several times is that she didn't take more pictures when she was in college and as we grew up. As a child, there were few things that enchanted me more than the photo books she did compile. The people, places, and stories in them were the nearly constant focus of my young mind. I still remember more than half of them with great clarity and find myself idling raining days away thinking through the stories my mom would tell me as we listened to the rain on the roof. It's true, there are many visually stunning backdrops for your own memories in Asheville, however, there is one trendy photo op you might be missing.

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In March of 1859, the rest of the eastern United States watched the representatives of Asheville, North Carolina as they argued the value of laying railroad tracks across the state. Railroad companies were bidding for the land and rights to lay tracks between all the major cities. Asheville actually held a split opinion over modernization being over due and modernization heralding the end of life as they knew it in the scenic little mountain town. Despite the vastly different opinions and the depths of emotion behind them, the conclusion was eventually reached that the railroad would be a greater advantage to Asheville than a liability.
In the spirit of the railroad and all the ingenuity and progress it represents to us even today, take advantage of this little piece of history and do a family or couples photo shoot on the historically preserved tracks. The current trend of pictures on railroad tracks really ties in the sense of nostalgia and history we feel around old tracks with the promise of the unknown. The Craggy Mountain Line is a non-profit that began in 2001, dedicated to preserving the original lines in functioning condition with the era-accurate cars and engines. Regardless of if you just want a few cute and memorable pictures or a ride down the line, this is one Asheville experience that is perfect for the whole family and perfect for an addition to journals and photo albums.

Rain road in Asheville countrysideMemories Worth Having

The South, and especially towns like Asheville, are renowned for their laid-back pace, friendly occupants, and our appreciation for our history. It is not uncommon in North Carolina towns for the "downtown" district to be historically preserved. However, even in the more cosmopolitan areas the lifestyle and language often holds echos of the past and makes us instinctively yearn for a simpler time. Don't let your family miss out on the unique experience of riding down the tracks laid so long ago in the same type of cars that would have christened them. 

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