It's Time for a Powwow

Kids playing at Cherokee PowwowEveryone needs a time to go back to their roots, but few people groups have as deep a claim to that need as Native Americans. Not only do they celebrate their own roots with their traditions, but the origins of the entire nation. The Cherokee Nation is the largest tribe and, consequently, is the one most often sited in people's genealogy. It's so common to hear someone finish the account of their heritage with "...and a little Cherokee." that it's almost a cliche. Cherokee history and traditions hold significance for us all;  they shaped the foundations of our country before our shore  was a gleam in the eye of any explorer. This summer is an opportunity to experience one of the most well known traditions for all Native American's - a powwow.

Back to the Beginning Cherokee woman, Annual Powwow

The 40th Annual Powwow is Friday, July 3, through Sunday, July 5. Complete with traditional costumes, dances and music, this is one cultural extravaganza you can't miss. People come from all over the country to see a powwow of this magnitude. Each aspect of the weekend has been meticulously practiced to preserve the authenticity of the original techniques. Your senses will be utterly encompassed with the bright colors of the regalia and crafts, the unique flavor of the foods, the music will carry you away and the dancing will move you to the very essence of your being. This is one utterly unique 4th of July you don't want to miss. 
Friday, July 3
5 p.m.           Gates open, arts and crafts, concessions open
12-6 p.m.      Registration (begins for dancers at 12)
6:45 p.m.      Drum Roll
7 p.m.           Grand entry and contests
10:30 p.m.    Conclusion
Saturday, July 4
9 a.m.-12       Registration
9 a.m.            Gates open
12:45 p.m.     Grand entry and contests
5 p.m.            Intertribal
6:45 p.m.       Drum Roll
7 p.m.            Grand entry, competitions and fireworks
10 p.m.          Conclusion
Sunday July 5
12 p.m.         Gates open
1 p.m.           Competitions
6 p.m.           Announcing winners
Acquoni Expo Center
1501 Acquoni Rd.
Cherokee, NC 28719
$12 per day
$10 with MVP card
Too often we are distracted by the never-ending, ever-increasing rush in our lives. We live in the moment so completely, that we risk losing the wisdom the past has to offer to us. Knowing where we come from, as a country, as well as individuals, opens us to a degree of richness and depth we can't achieve without it. It gives us insight into mistakes and confirmation to continue doing the right thing, no matter how difficult it can be at the moment. Attending the 40th Annual Powwow in Cherokee, North Carolina is a very real way to surround yourself in the complexities of a beautiful culture, and the wisdom of our past.

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