It’s a Beautiful Day for Intriguing Marketing


We all need more beauty in our lives. Fresh, inspiring beauty that makes us break out in spontaneous smiles - the kind of beauty that refreshes us and makes us excited all over again with life. Vacation is the time to find and hold on to that beauty - a time to reinvigorate ourselves so that we can approach life with new mental and physical energy. 

Asheville is a fabulous city full of art, art inspiration, and just general beauty. Do you relish such a culture? A culture of excitement and of creative energy that is overlaid with historic charm. Well, if you do, then we have a treat for you to see: The Downtown Market. It is filled with handcrafted beauty, vintage finds, and repurposed delights. Such a place is perfect for reinvigorating your soul. And your imagination. 

Essential Essences, Handcrafted Jewelry, and Pottery

Step into The Downtown Market, and you will be surrounded by fascinating finds and beautiful creations. To quote their website: 

We offer vintage, up-cycled, handmade and contemporary jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories.  All our vendors have unique outlooks and their styles ranging from up to the moment, punk, vintage, antique, lacy, old school, elegant, artsy, unique, organic and outdoorsy.

They have booths that are dedicated to outdoor gear, children’s and baby clothes, as well as handmade body and beauty products. And so much more! You are sure to find something that sparks your curiosity and imagination as you brows the isles and vignettes. 

Check Out the Sly Grog Lounge 

Located right next to the Downtown Market is the Sly Grog Lounge. Open every day besides Monday (unless there is a show on Monday), this fabulously fun place is a private club, music venue, and bar. Everyone 21 and over is welcome to come and join in the fun - the one time membership fee of $1 is all that it takes to enter. 

The name of the Lounge, "Sly Grog,” has an interesting story behind it. While the lounge itself is fully licensed to sell its adult beverages, "Sly Grog” is an Australian term for a speakeasy or other unlicensed liquor distributor, often found in the Australian outback. The creators of this lounge have tried to preserve that feeling in the space that they have created for your enjoyment. 


Get Some Brunch (or Lunch) Before You Go Home!

After all that walking around, looking at beautiful, unique finds and soaking up the inspiration, you are bound to be hungry! If you are, then be glad, for we have a decadent and delicious brunch (or lunch) option for you that you will not want to miss. Open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, the Tupelo Honey Cafe serves up Southern cuisine with a twist. For example, their traditional grits have the gourmet addition of goat cheese, and their fried okra has a surprising bite. However, all of the traditional components of good down home Southern food that you love so much, such as fluffy and flaky biscuits, are still to be found on the table. You are sure to be delighted with their offerings. 

Come to the Downtown Market hungry for inspiration, unique and fun shopping, and delicious gourmet food! And think, this is just one of the many wonderful things that you can do when you come to the Asheville, NC, mountains for the vacation of your dreams! Book now, and make some time to infuse your life with beauty and rejuvenating surroundings!


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