Indulge in a Fabulous Book on Your Next Vacation


Do you remember how you used to spend summer vacation? Did you run around, discovering special, hidden nooks and crannies that were pirates’ hideouts and fairies’ grottoes? And then after a long morning out-of-doors did you curl up in the crook of a tree or in a shaded hammock with lemonade by your side and an enthralling book in hand? 

Summer vacation - it is the time for enjoying the outdoors, lying about in hammocks, and reading fabulously fun books. To help you with that last lazy-day "task”, we have rounded up a delightful summer read perfect for you to bring with you on your next vacation to one of our stunningly beautiful Asheville cabin rentals.

The Book: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald 

The Great Gatsby is truly a fabulous piece of literature, filled as it is with its depiction of the glamorous yet empty lives of the socialites of the 1920’s. Filled with the sparkle of crystal, the buoyancy of lively and spectacular parties, and intrigue of not one, but several, love affairs, this beautiful book is not only a classic and well-known piece of literature, it is also a delightful and indulgent summer read. 

Narrated by a young man from Minnesota, one Nick Carraway, The Great Gatsby focuses on the mysterious character Jay Gatsby. No one quite understands him. Though he is famous for his fabulous parties at which he doesn’t know near everyone who attends, no one knows much about this young man besides the fact that he is rich. Very, very rich. Certainly no one knows where he came from, where he made his money, or why he ended up on Long Island. Though all is revealed as the story progresses. And more than just Gatsby’s past is revealed. People’s shallowness that lies just below the surface of all of their pretend care and their outward glamor is brought to light. As is the undying effort people will put into things they really care for. Before finding out that sometimes the things they care for are the things that will hurt them the most. 

The Great Gatsby makes us ask several questions of ourselves and of life. Can anyone ever find true happiness? And if so, is admiration or money the basis for it? Is everything that glitters really gold? 

These are questions that F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, faced daily in their lives. Lives which were spent, at times, in Asheville. That’s right, our very own, beautiful and historic Asheville was once one of the watering places of the glamorous Fitzgeralds. In fact, F Scott Fitzgerald had his 40th birthday at the Grove Park Inn, where he was staying in an attempt to refresh his writing career while his wife was being treated for schizophrenia at Asheville’s Highland Hospital. 



Come and live for a weekend, or a week, as the Fitzgerald’s lived. Surround yourself with the beauty, the inspiration, and the glamor of Asheville. Stay with us in one of our fabulous rentals and just indulge in the truly good life - a life filled with love, laughter, and very dear friendship. 



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