How to Properly Make the Rounds of Asheville's Bookstores

 How to Properly Make the Rounds of Asheville's Bookstores

The perfect delight of reading. It transports you to other worlds that you wouldn’t have even dreamed up on your own, for no price at all (or, just for the price of the book itself). And you can keep revisiting said foreign climes over and over again! 


Bring your favorite books with you to one of our cabins in Asheville, NC. Or, even better, find a new favorite when you are visiting with us next in Asheville! To help you find that perfect read to curl up with underneath the bright, sparkling stars, we have compiled a list of our 5 favorite bookstores for you! Each one is a gem that you will not want to miss. 

 Captain's Bookshelf

1). The Captain’s Bookshelf

The Captain’s Bookshelf is a charming spot in downtown Asheville. A selective place, they specialize in rare books, first editions, signed copies, books with fine leather bindings, and the like. They do also have a lovely collection of high-quality secondhand books in a variety of genres. Think, beloved children’s books, histories, mysteries, classics, and other loved works. 

Downtown Books and News 

2). Downtown Books and News

If you are interested in rare books, then, after browsing The Captain’s Bookshelf, you will definitely want to check out Downtown Books and News. Their inventory changes every week, and they have a wide variety of books across many genres. They also stock micro-published magazines created by local and international writers. 

Firestorm Books and Coffee 

3). Firestorm Books and Coffee

If you love a coffee indulgence with your book browsing and book reading, then you will love Firestorm Books and Coffee! Indulge in a pastry, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, and either your own book, the project you are working on, or one of the books that peaks your interest in the shop. 


4). Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe

Another absolutely charming place with free wifi, decadent and enormous pastries, delicious coffee, and of course, books, Malaprop’s has something to delight everyone! Their book collection has a nice variety of works that are either written by local authors or that have a local setting. Of course, Malaprop’s has a lovely variety of many other works by may other authors as well. If you feel like indulging in an intriguing book in a quirky and inspiring environment, then this is the store and the cafe for you! 

Battery Park Book Exchange 

5). Finish Up at Battery Park Book Exchange 

Battery Park Book Exchange is a hidden gem. This sophisticated shop is filled with books either set in or about North Carolina, the general South, or the American Civil War. These selections are set in a lounge that reflects dreams of a 1920s speak easy. A marble bar top, complete with beautiful and tantalizing wine collection, reflects the warm and inviting light. Indulge in a glass of fine wine or effervescent champagne as your turn the pages of your newest (or oldest) friend. What could be more delightful?

Once you have selected your book shop du jour, and picked your new favorite read, it is time to step through the cover of your book into a whole new world! Of course, you can do that in a charming cafe setting. But wouldn’t it be even nicer to indulge in the comfort of your own mountain vacation home, curling up under a blanket beneath the diamond-like stars? If the answer is yes, then book now with us


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