How to Pack for a Fall Visit to Asheville

Pack for a Fall Visit to Asheville

***This blog post was updated on November 12, 2017*** 

     I recently made the trip from coastal NC to the beloved North Carolina mountains, and was reminded of the weather
Men's Layerd Outfit for Fall Trip to Ashevilledifference. While the eastern seaboard does have its weather quirks, you can generally depend on things being rather mild in fall. However, our motto is "if you don't like the weather...stick will change soon". But in other areas of the country, fall brings consistent chilly temps. So when planning a trip to the south, even to a region as far inland as Asheville, you really need to check the weather to ensure that you foil any surprises Mother Nature may have had in store. Are you ready to start planning your Asheville vacation? After all, fall + cabins + vacation = happy!! 

Tips for Fall Packing: From the Heart of the South to the Trunk of Your Car

    The easiest way to ensure comfort in the south during the fall is really very simple, so let me tell you right now the key to southern (fashion) comfort. Light Layers. If you get cold, you can add more and if you get too warm you can take some off. When hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities, it’s important to start with a scarf or a sweater/jacket. Wearing both with the added heat of doing things in sunlight is slightly reminiscent of a sauna. If you’ll be popping in places and giving your body time to cool down, both can be comfortable. Also remember to bring a layer that will work well in the rain!! 
Fancy Fall outfits for Asheville VacationsFor those days that your agenda includes something a tad more formal, remember that tights or leggings are great options for under skirts. They come in a variety of colors as well as thickness and can go under just about any skirt regardless of length or material. If worst comes to worst you can always take them off in the ladies room and tuck them in your purse.

Southern Style for Your Mountain Vacation

    One more thing to bear in mind when packing for your autumn voyage to the south is the regional tendency. While everyone has their own unique style, most people – especially those of us who were fortunate enough to be raised here do have one common thread (pun intended). Southern fashion choices tend toward quirky class. While these who adjectives seem at odds, like Asheville itself, southern fashion blends the timeless quality of class with the openness and variety of quirkiness – quirk, if you will. While we remain pretty open to reusing light "summer” pieces in later seasons, we tend to use darker color schemes with them.

Some of our Asheville vacation rentals come with washer and dryers. This means that you don't have to pack quite as many clothing options, because you will be able to launder your clothing as necessary. This is a great option...especially if you plan to do a lot of hiking or if you have children.    
Fall outfit for an Asheville Visit- Women's
    The best quality of the south is its open friendliness and if you keep these guidelines in mind as you pack, you’re sure to be on the receiving end of many compliments and blatant adoration (and really, what is better in this life than being adored?). So think of it however you want to, onions, parfaits, pies – pick your analogy – just remember that layers are the doorway to fashion paradise. So, feel free to use it and enjoy your trip without the hassle of constantly trying to figure out how to be more comfortable. After all, you work so hard, your vacation should be spent in bliss. We think you deserve it, don’t you?

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