How to Make the Best Pasta Salad in Town


The beauty of fresh summer produce and cool dishes! It is a special pleasure that only comes along for this season of the year. When we have an abundance of herbs and greens this time of summer it is the perfect time to create a gorgeous pesto to deliciously coat al dente pasta, turning it into the best pasta salad in the mountains! 

Summer time in Asheville, and especially in and around our Asheville, NC, cabins, means verdant, fresh, luscious abundance! Abundance of trees, of greenery, of rich grass, of sunshine, of bird songs, of lazy days, and of delicious fresh food! Instead of making the same chicken caesar salads and delicious but greasy hot dogs all summer long, it is time to branch out and try a fresh and delicious new recipe. If you love pesto with an extra lemony bite, then you will adore this kale pesto recipe from one of our favorite food blogs, Cooks with Cocktails! The kale itself lends more of a bite to the pesto, rather than a heavy kale flavor, while the cashews add creaminess and nuttiness rather than any distinct taste. It is the lemon, the cheese, and the bit of basil that you put into the pesto that really shine forth. Once you have created this pesto (this recipe makes a delightfully large portion), all you need to do to create the most delightful pasta salad is to toss the pesto with pasta and maybe a few halved cherry tomatoes. Voila! Perfection. 

The Recipe: Kale Pesto Pasta Salad


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