How to Indulge in Perfect Relaxation this Winter in the Mountains

Relaxation this Winter

A steaming cup of tea warming your hands and tantalizing your nose. Smooth, velvety chocolate melting on your tongue. A softly crackling fire setting the auditory backdrop for your perfectly relaxing afternoon. The center piece of your afternoon? A book! But not just any book. One that carries you away to another time - another era! A time of rules and elegance…and murder and mystery! That’s right: we are talking about stepping back in time to the America of the 30s. With a guide in the form of a young sleuth who has been gifted with an odd manuscript purporting to be the journal of Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes's faithful companion and archivist). Sound intriguing? Then read on to discover what your new, perfect vacation read is for this winter! And then book a fabulous vacation with us here. For to truly relax, and indulge in that book uninterrupted by dishes and laundry and errands and schedules….you need a vacation.

The Book: A Study in Terror by Ellery QueenA Study in Terror

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Sherlock Holmes came to America? Then Ellery Queen will be your new hero! A young American armchair detective, he is also an author. Both in his "detecting" work and the novels that he writes based upon his work, he solves cases in the same logical manner with strict attention to detail that is Sherlock Holmes's trademark. And since he lived about 30 years (in the land of fiction) after Sherlock Holmes ceased to roam London…he is also of course a huge admirer of Holmes.

Super busy with his deadlines and his manuscript, Ellery is pulling his hair out and looking for inspiration. Which is when his (playboy) friend barges into his house, swigs some scotch, and delivers a brown paper wrapped package…containing a journal. But not just any journal. No, this is - supposedly! - a never-before-published journal of Doctor Watson’s detailing Sherlock Holmes’s hunt for Jack the Ripper.

Intrigued, Ellery begins to read. Even if it is just to prove its inauthenticity, he tells himself. After all, he can’t think of anything else to write himself at that moment. He might as well refresh himself, right?

And so he begins to track the Ripper down the streets of London with Holmes.

The conclusions that Ellery arrives at just might be rather shocking to you. Besides the fact that Ellery decides that the manuscript is genuine, he also comes to the conclusion that the case’s "solution" was erroneous. Can he right the wrongs that were perpetrated so many years ago?

This book is for all the puzzle and mystery and classic literature lovers alike! It will take you on exhilarating, twisty adventures from the safety of your own (vacation!) rental home! Such a day of relaxation, of pure and blissful rest and adventure, is priceless now, isn’t it? So check this book out - it will be a well-deserved treat!

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