How to Have the Most Fabulous Christmas in Asheville

How to Have the Most Fabulous Christmas in Asheville | Asheville Connections


It’s that time again - the most wonderful time of the year! Full of crisp air, long nights, cozy fires… The list could go on and on. There are so many activities and atmospheric touches that make this season so beautiful, so special, that we can’t nearly name all of them.

What we can do, however, is help you have the most fabulous Christmas ever right here in Asheville, NC. The most charming, cozy city in this most beautiful of all regions, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Don’t wait any longer - the holiday magic you need is waiting for you right here! Read on to discover just how much sparkle is in store for you:

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Get Away With Your Family

One of the things this time of year is all about is family, isn’t it? Indulging in delicious food with them. Having fun rolling in the snow together. Vacationing together. Make sure that your precious time with your loved ones is not interrupted by any mundane, daily cares by escaping to the mountains with your loved ones. Check out the stunning cabins full of wintery, forest charm that we have waiting for you right here.

Don't Miss the Biltmore's Elegant Extravaganza

Ah, nobody can do the holidays quite like the Biltmore can. Reserve your spot now so that you can indulge in an evening full of sparkle, magic, candlelight and firelight all set to the tune of live choirs and soloists. You don’t want to miss this extravaganza reminiscent of the first Vanderbilt family Christmas in 1895!

Relish Some Delicious Holiday Delicacies

Take the time this holiday season to relish some delicious holiday delicacies that you make right here in your own stunning vacation rental. We have all kinds of recipes waiting for you already right here on our blog. Check out this delicious and warming quiche here, this beautiful cobbler recipe, or this decadent chocolate cake if that is your thing. 

Make Sure You Catch the Gingerbread House Competition!

What would the holidays be like without gingerbread?! And what is even better than eating gingerbread but watching a gingerbread house competition? From November 27th through January 5 of next year, the Omni Grove Park Inn is hosting an amazing gingerbread house competition. Except for the bases, all of the entries have to be made out of edible materials. Which sounds easy, until you have actually tried such construction yourself. These are no ordinary gingerbread houses that you will see here. Instead, be prepared for peaked roofs, shoe shaped houses, fabulous creations in "trees”. And so much more!

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Visit a Winter Wonderland

Each year the Grove Arcade turns itself into a winter wonderland this time of year. This year, from November 18th through January 4th, the entire historic shopping center will transform into a tinsel paradise. Plus, the Grove Arcade will also display some of the entries from the gingerbread house competition held at the Grove Park Inn. So, if you desire some holiday shopping, this is definitely the place you will want to go. It will be a fun excursion for the whole family!

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Ride the Polar Express

If you have children, you will definitely want to ride the Polar Express. The round trip lasts just over an hour, from the Bryson City depot to the North Pole and back. That’s right! The Polar Express takes its passengers to the North Pole (where else would it go?) where the children get to meet Santa. Along the way, passengers get to sip hot coco and nibble on cookies - a pleasure to young and old alike. (Image Source:

Bask in the Arboretum's Winter Display

Did you think that an arboretum was only for the spring and summer months when it is filled with flowers? Think again! The North Carolina Arboretum’s intricate Winter Lights Show dazzles the eye of every spectator. This stunning winter wonderland spectacle is something you definitely won’t want to miss!

Get Outside and With Some Winter Fun

Of course, you can’t sit around all day indoors, no matter how charming and cozy the cabin nor how delicious the food. Which is why, during the holidays, you should head out to Cataloochee Ski Area and indulge in a little skiing! After all, the more trips you take down the hill, the brisk wind whipping your face, the more eggnog and cake you can indulge in later.

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Focus on Your Family

The holidays are all about focusing on your family. Getting away with them. Spending quality time with them. Taking off work so you can build more memories with them. You need to make sure that you not only have more time to spend with your family during the holidays this year, you also must focus on your family to truly build those special memories you are longing for. Turn off the tv. Really talk. Sit by the fire and tell jokes. Cook together. Laugh. Share what is in your heart with your nearest and dearest. You won't regret it!

Act on the Spirit of Giving

While there is a lot of personal enjoyment going on during the holidays, we mustn't forget the real spirit of this time of year: the spirit of giving. Send a note and a gift to loved ones far away. Donate to a charity that is near and dear to your heart. Purchase the coffee or breakfast of the person behind you in line tomorrow morning. There are so many ways to give and touch hearts if only you look for them! Take the time to brighten someone’s day, and you will be repaid with a warmth inside that comes only from goodness.

Don’t wait any longer - the holiday magic you need is waiting for you right here! Book with us now. You can’t afford to wait a moment longer. We can’t wait to see you!


How to Have the Most Fabulous Christmas in Asheville | Asheville Connections

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