How to Have the Coziest Afternoon This Beautiful Winter

How to Have the Coziest Afternoon This Beautiful Winter

The snow is falling gently outside your window. A cardinal hops around in the sparkling, white covered pine needles, creating the illusion that drops of liquid rubies stained the ground. Inside, the warm, delicious aroma of spiced cider dances into your nostrils. A pile of chocolate sits enticingly beside the most comfortable chair in the living room. You are in a home away from home - one of our charming cabins in Asheville, NC - which means that you aren’t beset by piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, or any other type of mundane, daily chore. The stage is set for you to completely relax and savor your moment. There is just one thing missing: a new, delightful book to captivate your imagination and send you off on a relaxing adventure from the comfort of the couch.

Well, we have the perfect new book for you to help warm your winter afternoons!

The Book: Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco MysteryMaids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery

Have you ever wanted to step into a time machine and travel back in time? Maybe to the Victorian Era - a time filled with outfits as elaborate as the social customs? Well, that is exactly what the Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery lets you do!

Annie Fuller, a young widow seeking refuge in her recently deceased aunt’s home in San Francisco, is in financial straights. Her late husband’s last creditor is coming to hunt her down and take her remaining asset: her home. Which would be utterly devastating to her, since her main source of income is her home - she has turned it into a respectable boarding house. On top of this devastating news, her "side job” is also causing her problems. In addition to running her charming boarding house she provides financial and personal advice (in the guise of exotic Madame Syble, one of San Francisco’s most exclusive clairvoyants) to any and all of her neighbors who care to seek it. While she normally loves her position as Syble - being able to work as a financial advisor, which is unheard of for a woman in Victorian America - tragedy has struck. One of her clients died. The police believe he committed suicide. But Annie Fuller isn’t having any of it.

After being found by the deceased man’s family lawyer, and clearing up questions he had as to Madame Syble’s involvement with her client, Annie decides to solve the mystery of her client’s death herself. After all, the police believe it was a suicide, so they aren’t looking in any of the right places, or even the wrong ones.

As a woman, the only avenue that seems to be open to her to gain access to the household in question is that of a servant. What she didn’t think through was that she might be putting herself in the clutches of one very cold-blooded killer. The new, very young, and handsome lawyer she just met, however, did think of such a scenario. He can’t believe how infuriatingly fascinating and obstinate Annie Fuller is. She pursues what she wants like a man, and that is not something he is used to. But it is just the refreshing breeze that he can’t resist. Will he have to watch her become one of the next victims of this mysterious killer? Or will he be able to help Annie solve this seemingly-unsolvable mystery in time for her to escape with her life?

Are you intrigued yet? Ready to spend an entire afternoon indulging in a delightful new book? (Can you even remember the last time you were able to spend so much time on such a luxury?) Our peaceful cabins in Asheville, NC, are the perfect spot to curl up and have the coziest afternoon imaginable this winter! Book the getaway here you so desperately need. You’ve waited long enough!


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