How to Have the Best Dog Friendly Asheville Vacation

How to Have the Best Dog Friendly Asheville Vacation | Asheville Connections

It's true! Four-legged family members love the Asheville Mountains as much as their human companions do. If you’re like millions of families, your dog is just as much a part of the family as any human member.  You don’t have to leave your dog behind when planning your next Asheville vacation. Asheville is truly a dog-lover’s kind of town and we have the perfect vacation rental to suit your whole family. Yes, that means you too Fido.  Let’s get started in planning the ideal dog-friendly Asheville vacation. 

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Quick Travel Check List

Before we get too far into the planning, let’s take a moment to talk about a few things you need when traveling with your dog. Traveling with dogs require a little more planning. We all know what the two-legged family needs for a great road trip. Here are a few of the essential items you won’t want to forget to pack when traveling with your four-legged family members this summer.

  • Dog Food (vacation is not the time to try a new brand)
  • Favorite chew toy, or other toys
  • Dog waste bags
  • Any medications
  • Treats and snacks
  • Grooming supplies, favorite blanket or bed
  • Make sure your dog is micro-chipped and/or has a dog collar with owner info
  • Food and water dish
  • Lead and leash

 Five tips for traveling with Fido

Secure your dog- Just like humans, dogs need to be restrained when traveling. There are several ways to do this. There are harnesses, crates, special leashes, or partitions that can be used to help make sure your dog stays safe in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

Heat kills- Even though the Asheville Mountains are cool in the summer it doesn’t take much time for your car to reach dangerously high temperatures. Never leave your dog in a car in the summer without the air conditioning running. Even just running in to get gas for a minute can cause the car to heat up excessively. Remember dogs shed heat by panting, not sweating, so be aware of excessive panting as this is an indicator of heat stress.

Tired dogs travel well –Before you hit the road take a moment to exercise your dog. Tired dogs are less anxious on the road and more likely to sleep during the drive.

Frequent stops and water are important- Just like everyone else in the car, it’s important to take frequent stops to let your dog take a walk, do his business, and drink some water.

Keep them inside- We all think it is cute when we see a car go zipping by with a dog sticking its head out the window but in reality it’ not safe for you or your dog. That wind can cause sand or other debris to get into your dogs eyes or ears. Play it safe, don’t let them stick their heads out the window.

Arriving at your rental

In our own way we’re all creatures of habit and our dogs are no different.  When you arrive at your Asheville cabin take a few minutes to help your dog get acquainted with your new home for the week. Here are a few tips to help you.

Make sure to pack a few familiar items. Your dog’s favorite toy or an old t-shirt that smells like you are perfect.  Once inside take the dog around the home to allow him to get familiar with his new surroundings. This is also a good time to check for anything dangerous that might harm your dog. Finally make sure to go for a brisk walk or take the dog to the park to get out some energy. Just like riding in the car a tired dog will transition easier if tired. 

Find the perfect rental.

Ok now that you know what to pack let's find the perfect pet-friendly vacation rental. We have a huge selection of homes that are perfect for your whole family. Check out our website to search all of our available pet-friendly vacation homes. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions about deposits or other questions!

Eagles Landing Vacation Rental | Asheville Connections
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We have amazing dog parks!

Did you know that Asheville is home to some amazing dog parks? If you’re worried Fido will be unable to get out and stretch his legs during your Asheville vacation, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are just a few of the dog parks in the area that you might want to explore.

Azalea Park Dog Park

Located on a 155 acre park, the park at Azalea Park is a great place to let your dog burn some energy. The park is well maintained and features a gazebo and fresh water. There are designated places for large and small dogs. There is also separate parking for pet owners. 

French Broad River Dog Park

For those of you who follow our blog you know how much we love anything to do with the French Broad River. The dog park is no different. With over an acre of space to run and splash about, this is the perfect place to let your dog let out some energy. There is even a wildflower garden, gazebo, fresh water, and a river access so the dogs can swim. The park is conveniently located on a trail system so if you want to take a walk, this is a great place to start. Click here for more information. 

 Dogs and Beer

Asheville is well known as a beer lover’s paradise. Throughout the year there are several beer related events and festivals. If you love beer and your dog then you are in luck. Several Asheville breweries (and restaurants) allow you to bring your well behaved pooch along for a beer. Here are three great breweries to check out and there are even more. Let us know in the comments what your favorite dog friendly brewery is. 

Twin Leaf Brewery

Wedge Brewing Company 

Wicked Weed Brewing Company

If you and your dog are ready to visit Asheville, now is the perfect time to book your late summer mountain vacation. There is still plenty of time to find a cabin. Why not end the summer in the cool Asheville Mountains. Go ahead, get out of the city, pack up the car and come join us for perhaps the best part of the summer in the mountains. Give us a call today at 828-274-6978 or click the button below to see our inventory of vacation homes.

Discover beautiful asheville!

How to Have the Best Dog Friendly Asheville Vacation | Asheville Connections

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