How to Have the Best Adventurous Winter Vacation

How to Have the Best Adventurous Winter Vacation

What do you think of when you conjure up the image of a winter vacation? Maybe you are a warm weather lover and dream of sunning yourself by a beach while everyone else braves the cold. Or maybe you are an adventurous spirit and adore what winter has to offer, running to the mountains at the first hint that they are receiving snow. 

What constitutes the perfect wintery vacation in your mind? Ice skating to enchanting seasonal music? Hot coco by a roaring fire? Sleigh rides? What about skiing? Skiing is one of the best ways to indulge in winter adventure, and Asheville is one of the best spots to indulge in skiing. Let us show you why!


Vacation in the Perfect Wintery Destination 

If you do love a winter vacation that takes advantage of all that this incredible season has to offer, then your perfect vacation spot must include wintery weather! Well, never fear. Here in the South we too can indulge in winter to our hearts content. All you have to do is come and stay in one of our lovely cabins in Asheville, NC!

Asheville has all of the necessary ingredients for a perfect winter vacation: cold weather, snow, ski slopes, and a plethora of cozy indoor activities that you can indulge in, too. An added bonus to vacationing in Asheville is that it is rarely ever too frigid. You can bask in some balmy 50 degree temperatures all the way through December, which is cold for the South but warm compared to a North Eastern winter. While you can get chilly, your feet won’t freeze under even three layers of socks like they might a little further north. And you can still indulge in snow with the marvelous capability we have these days of making snow for the ski slopes!


Indulge in Skiing!

Did you know that the South has some of the best skiing in the eastern United States? That’s right! Beech Mountain up in the north eastern part of the state is, shockingly, the highest town (and therefore the highest ski slope) in the US! If you don’t mind driving a bit, the hour or so on the road will be more than worth it once you head down the slope. On top of the excellent skiing conditions on the slope itself, the high speed chairlift keeps lines from backing up. There is also an excellent ski school that accepts students as young as 3 years old, helping the entire family to get out on the slopes no matter your skill level. Beech Mountain is hosting two delightful events at the beginning of 2017: the Winterfest Beer Festival which lasts all January long, and the Totally ’80s Retro Ski Weekend which lasts from February 23-26. 

If you are looking to say closer to Asheville for the day, then we have a couple other options for you! Cataloochee Ski Area is just east of Asheville. It boasts 18 skiing and snowboarding slopes (and trails). There are slopes perfect for every skill level, with the majority created for beginner skiers. If, though, you want an advanced trail, 17% of the trails cater to you! All of their slopes can be covered by their snow making machines, which means that all winter long you will be able to enjoy perfect, manicured ski slopes. 

Another place to ski near Asheville is the Sapphire Valley Ski Area. This quaint ski area has a main run of 1600 feat, and it boasts a vertical drop of 200 feet. Never fear, if your kids have never skied before, there is also a learning slope. Plus, if some in your party want a break from the vigorous skiing, there are multiple tubing lanes! 

 Get Cozy

Get Cozy at The End of Each Day

After a long day of skiing, using muscles that you had forgotten over the summer that you even had, and burning off all the delicious food you had for breakfast and lunch, you are more then ready to plop down in front of a roaring fire, or snuggle up with your favorite winter drink in bed under your favorite blanket. Which is why you stay with us at one of our cozy, beautiful cabins in Asheville, NC. We have everything you could desire in a place to stay during your perfect winter vacation: beautiful mountains vistas, charming A-frame homes, atmospheric log cabin vacation rentals, all complete with comfortable and homey living rooms and full kitchens so that you can stay in for dinner when you don't feel like getting out. 

We can't wait for you to join us for the adventurous winter vacation of a lifetime! Don't delay any longer - you need a winter break. Book with us now for the rejuvenating winter retreat you so desperately need. 



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