How to Have an Amazing Spring Break in Asheville

How to Have an Amazing Spring Break in Asheville | Asheville Connections

Can you smell it in the air? That wonderful scent of spring in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. If you can't, then now is the time to remedy that and book your Asheville mountains spring break. Spring is the perfect time to visit Asheville. There are loads of events and activities to enjoy and the weather is perfect this time of year. Here is everything you need to know to book and plan your spring break vacation in Asheville. 

Have a family meeting | Asheville Connections

Have a family meeting

Making sure you have a great vacation requires a little advance planning. The first thing to do is to have a short family meeting. Get an idea of what everyone would like to do. Discuss the budget with the kids so everyone has the same expectations about spring break. Pick activities and get everyone on the same page. You can avoid feeling let down if the vacation doesn't live up to your expectations.
Make a budget | Asheville Connections

Make a budget

We're all looking for that secret money tree but until that happens making a family vacation budget is an important step in any vacation plan. Take time to consider the events you want to attend. If you plan on dining out or eating in, make menus or consider how often you want to eat out.  Either way, sticking to a budget will give you peace of mind.
Plan downtime | Asheville Connections

Plan downtime

While planning activities is important, it is equally important to plan a little downtime. Over scheduling your itinerary could make your trip anything but relaxing. It's a good idea to pick one or two activities for each day but the rest of the time should be for relaxing in your beautiful mountain setting. Everyone will be happier when well-rested.
Be prepared | Asheville Connections

Be prepared

Take some time to research the activities you’ve chosen to enjoy during your Asheville vacation. Many events and activities offer discounts for buying tickets ahead of time online. Looking up directions is easy with a smartphone so drop a pin and then take a so you know where you are going. Plan meals and make sure to have packing lists to reduce the chance of forgetting something and thus saving you money by not having to buy needless items. 

Pick your Asheville vacation home

Perhaps few things are as fun while planning spring break than picking which beautiful Asheville vacation home you want to book. We have a large inventory of wonderful homes with locations that range from quiet and secluded to luxurious. You can select large or small homes to meet your needs. Want to be in the center of all the action Asheville has to offer? We have downtown locations too. In short, we have the perfect vacation home to meet your needs. Click here to see all of our great inventory. 

Pick your Asheville vacation home | Asheville Connections

Free things to do in Asheville

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have an adventure in Asheville. The area is famous for its cultural events, music, food, and all around funky style. Around every corner in Asheville there is an adventure just waiting to be discovered. Where will Asheville take you this spring break?

Brewery tour at Sierra Nevada | Asheville Connections

Brewery tour at Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Brewery offers daily tours of their operation. However, you do need a reservation. The tour takes about 90 minutes. During the tour you'll take a step by step walk through the entire beer making process. The best part is the tour ends with a beer tasting. 

Listen to street performers  | Asheville Connections

Listen to street performers 

Asheville is known throughout the nation for having a vibrant and colorful music scene. The best part about a lot of the music is that it is free to the public. How do you ask? Easy, Asheville is loaded with street performers looking for their big break. So enjoy walking around downtown and keep your ears open for the next big star. 

Explore Malaprops Bookstore | Asheville Connections

Explore Malaprops Bookstore

Malaprops bookstore in downtown Asheville is a wonderful place to cruise for books, grab a coffee or catch a talk with an author. Since 1982 Malaprops has hosted national and local authors that you too can enjoy for free. There are also great discussion groups that anyone is welcome to participate in. 

Learn about glass making at Lexington Glassworks | Asheville Connections

Learn about glass making at Lexington Glassworks

There is something magical about the process of hand blown glass and the guys at the Lexington Glassworks, are masters of their craft. Located downtown, the glassworks are open to the public, and free demonstrations take place throughout the day. 

Walk the Urban Trail | Asheville Connections

Walk the Urban Trail

 Local volunteers have created a self-guided 1.7 mile tour of downtown Asheville. The tour has thirty stops. Each stop tells a story about Asheville's history through different public sculpture. Five-time periods are represented on the Urban Trail. Free maps can be picked up at Pack Place and the information center at Pack Square Park.

First Fridays | Asheville Connections

First Fridays

Downtown Asheville Art Association Art Walk happens every First Friday of the month. The self-guided walking tour takes you through the art district of Asheville, and brings you to the Asheville Area Arts Council, Refinery Creator Space at 207 Coxe Avenue. Inside the building are 5 studios which offer classes in addition to three exhibit galleries.  Come on any First Friday to meet the artists, ask questions, and try a new creative media. 

In The Dark Exhibit  | Asheville Connections

In The Dark Exhibit 

Explore the mysteries of the dark at The North Carolina Arboretum’s new exhibit, In the Dark, on display January 26 – May 12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. inside the Baker Exhibit Center. This hands-on, family-friendly exhibit delves into dark environments and the unique animals, plants and humans that adapt to areas with little to no light.  

All that is left to do to have a fantastic Asheville spring break is to pick out your Asheville vacation home. How do you do that? We thought you'd never ask. It's as easy as giving us a call at 888-861-9487 or clicking the button below to see all of our inventory. We looked forward to seeing you in Asheville this spring.

How to Have an Amazing Spring Break in Asheville | Asheville Connections

What is your favorite Asheville spring break memory? Leave a comment below. 

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