How to Explore Asheville's Fascinating and Historic Urban Trail

 How to Explore Asheville's Fascinating and Historic Urban Trail

Asheville, as all of the East Coast, is steeped in history and culture. From the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, to even the World Wars, Asheville has participated in many major historical events. Also, from an architectural and a golfing perspective, Asheville holds great significance. Even when it comes to literature Asheville has a storied past!  

So, come one, come all, and relish the fascinating stories and lessons of the past as you stay in one of these charming cabins in Asheville, NC. To get your started on your historical adventure, we have collected some highlights from Asheville’s Urban Trail for you. 



Take a Literary Journey 

You can’t come to Asheville without at least feeling its artistic and literary vibes. And you certainly can’t walk the Urban Trail without recognizing and delving into the rich literary past (and present) of Asheville. 

The first literary stop on the trail is a plaque bearing O. Henry’s name. Born in Greenville, SC, before moving to New York, he has literary ties to the rich history of Asheville via his birth and his short story writing. Thomas Wolfe, another literary figure, actually lived in Asheville. Along the trail, you can find a plaque commemorating the place he was born (which is now a YMCA). There is also a bronze replica of several of the buildings in Wolfe’s old neighborhood across the street from the YMCA. In addition, a bronze replica of Wolfe’s shoes are in front of his mother’s famous boarding house. 


Start to Finish

Walk the Trail from Start to Finish

If you have plenty of time, it is well worth your while to walk the entire Urban Trail rather than just hitting the literary highlights. It is a fascinating journey, taking you through five periods of history. 

There are markers and spots commemorating the Frontier Period, when Asheville was just beginning as a little town for farmers to come into and trade their produce. Then the trail takes you through the Gilded Age, a time full of beautiful architecture and Victorian charm. Overlapping the Gilded Age is the age of Thomas Wolfe. The Urban Trail is full of markers commemorating this local genius. The last two eras, The Era of Civic Pride and the Age of Diversity, take you through Asheville’s more recent history. 


Make Sure to Check out the Beer

Of course, all of this walking as you take in the fascinating history is bound to help you work up a thirst! Which means it is the perfect time to check out one of Asheville’s other local delights: its beer! There are numerous and lovely local pubs all over Asheville, but to get you started, you should check out the New Belgium tasting room along the French Broad River. It’s a stunning spot!

If you would like to read more about the Urban Trail, you might want to check out this website here. Even better, though, come and visit us and walk the Urban Trail for yourselves. We can’t wait to have you! 


How to Explore Asheville's Fascinating and Historic Urban Trail

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