How to Easily Plan the Perfect Spring Break Vacation

How to Easily Plan the Perfect Spring Break Vacation

Can you believe that Spring Break is just a couple weeks away? We can feel signs of spring already in the air. The breeze is a little warmer. Birds are starting to twitter outside our windows again. It is almost possible to hear the sap running in the trees once again here around our cabins in Asheville, NC.

Spring Break is an excellent opportunity to take a little time off, savor an extended weekend with your children, and make some memories. Taking a vacation is the best way to ensure that you spend time with your family, making memories and getting closer together rather than just getting closer to your computer screen. Here in Asheville, NC, we have everything required to fulfill your family’s Spring Break desires! From challenging hikes for you and your older kids to family friendly fun your littles will love. Let us show you just how we can provide every member of your family with a grand time, no matter their age.

Play for Your PreschoolersPreschoolers

Little kids might require a lot of attention, but they don’t require a lot of complicated things to keep them occupied and happy. A bowl and a spoon might keep them entertained for a whole twenty minutes in the kitchen while you are cooking, while picking up pebbles and looking for sticks will keep them enthralled for an entire walk or gentle "hike”. That being said, we all want to provide our kids with enriching experiences, filling their lives with delight every day.

So, while your kids will be delighted with walks around your beautiful vacation rental cabin as well as just the pure fun of being in a new place and a new house, you might want to take them to the Hands On Museum in Hendersonville. There they can enjoy learning to identify the sounds of different musical instruments (or just enjoy making a lot of noise!). Or your sweet little ones can go and enjoy the Baby Place where there is a sunny nursery full of baby dolls in basinets, strollers, and rocking chairs where they can let their little imaginations go wild as they pretend to be mommy or daddy, big sister or big brother.

Fun for Your Elementary-Schoolers

You elementary-school aged children have an expanding imagination and appetite for creative play. Which means that they, too, will love the Hands On Museum. The Kilwins Ice Cream Shop exhibit will especially delight them. Your kids will be able to mix and match flavors and serve up (pretend) scoops of their favorite dessert. This might even prompt a real trip to the ice cream shop later.

Another delightful trip for your children in Asheville would be an afternoon to Asheville’s Fun Depot! There, your little ones will delight in laser tag, an "Upstairs Adventureland”, Mini Bowling, and indoor Mini-Golf. They will probably long to spend all day there, which will bring you the added bonus of your kids taking a goodnight’s sleep afterwards!

Entertainment for Your Middle-SchoolersCarl Sandburg House

Your middle-schoolers are at the stage where they want slightly more sophisticated activities than Fun Depots and hands-on museums. (Though they might still secretly enjoy those activities.) So, indulge your middle-schooler with some activities that are better suited to their expanded interests. Such as the Outdoor Artist Market, where you and your kids can enjoy discovering new handmade items like jewelry, paintings, clothes, local honey, and even soap. Not only will your kids enjoy picking up souvenirs to take home, but they can also talk to the local craftsman and learn how these handmade items are created - that is not something you get to learn every day in school.

Another trip that will be both interesting and educational is a visit to the Carl Sandberg Home. There you can see what it was like to live in the mid-20th century, explore what was an award winning goat farm, and learn about the American poet himself, Carl Sandburg.

Let’s not forget the educational beauty that is the Biltmore! Learn about life at the turn of the 20th century, the running of a grand estate, how the cushioned lives of the rich were led, and what the lives of their servants were like. On top of that, the building is an architectural gem, the gardens are stunning, and the grounds are a legacy of environmental conservation.

A Little Something for Your High-SchoolersChimney Rock State Park

Your high-schoolers are probably a little too cool for planned activities. They might even being going through a phase of being a little too cool for you. Still, they will most likely be swept up in the majesty and the romance of the Biltmore house and the period it represents.

Almost no one can resist the siren call of beautiful natural soundings, which makes a family hike the perfect "un”organized activity for your high-schoolers. Out in Chimney Rock State Park you can all just chill, get some exercise, fill your lungs with fresh air, and re-connect just by spending time together.

Let’s Not Forget You!

We know - you will get pure delight from watching your kids have a good time. The reconnecting and strengthening of family ties will, alone, make your vacation worthwhile to you. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to take a little time for yourself? To indulge in a restaurant or a cup of coffee just for you? Don’t worry - we have you covered! If you are looking for a delicious dinner spot that provides a transportive experience, check out this blog post here for some ideas. Look here if you want a breakfast recommendation. If it is chocolate that you are after, look here

Of course, you will need a place to stay while you indulge in this fun! Check out our cabins for rent here. It is time to indulge in some Spring Break family fun! Don't wait any longer to make your plans or it will be too late!


We can’t wait to have you come and visit us in Asheville, NC!

How to Easily Plan the Perfect Spring Break Vacation

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