How to Easily Get Everyone Outdoors This Summer in Asheville


Ah, summer vacation! It has always been a fabulous time of relaxation, rejuvenation, and play. That’s right. Play. Not computer games, not TV, but good old fashioned play. Summertime used to be a time for carefree imagination and active play: building tree forts, reading in said tree forts, sailing leaf boats down streams, running through sprinklers, and generally just doing things that today’s kids find boring. 

How do you tear your kids away from their electronic stimulation? (Or yourself, for that matter, sometimes?) By having fascinating outdoor activities that will get the entire family out of doors from one of our Asheville cabin rentals, of course! Below are some great suggestions for doing just that this summer. 





Take the Family to the Water in Asheville

Do you remember getting to immerse yourself in the delight of a cool dip in the middle of summer? Such pleasure is timeless - just ask all of the kids who are frequenting their neighborhood pools in the middle of the summer. Would you like a cool, wet option to pull you out of doors that also pulls your family into nature? We have all the options you could want! 

Lake Lure, located just over 20 miles from the heart of Asheville, is a beautiful and expansive man made lake. Not only is it a gorgeous place to kayak or swim, it is also a delightful place to suntan. There is even a water slide to enhance your and your kids’ fun! Asheville also has great access to swimming holes! If you and your family are more into vigorous and thrilling water activities, then you will enjoy the white water rafting that the French Broad Adventures Company offers. 



Dig Up Some Gems (for Real!)

There is not much that delights kids, especially young kids, more than the prospect of buried treasure. Don't you remember the thrill of a treasure hunt at a birthday party? Or, maybe you were a bit more adventurous and actually went round looking for buried pirate treasure during your summer vacation after reading Treasure Island in the warm afternoon sun. 

Well, now you can recapture the glee of that past childhood activity for both yourself and your children. At the Asheville Outdoor Center, you can choose between a Mineral, a Precious Stone, a Shells, and a Fossils bucket. Then, you get to sift through your buckets with the help of your sieve, the water wheel, and the sluice. Each bucket is guaranteed, and so is the fun! 



Take a Tour

Now, a tour, whether a historical tour or just a tour of a beautiful place, can usually get parents out of the house for an afternoon! How, though, to make touring fun for the kids? For their whining and pouting can more than ruin what would otherwise be a pleasurable afternoon of touring for parents. The solution is the Bike Taxi! The Bike Taxi offers you tours in bicycle rickshaws through, for example, downtown Asheville and the Montford historic neighborhood. In fact, the bike taxis will take you anywhere in the Downtown Asheville area. 

Reclaim the fun and beauty of a summer spent outdoors! We hope that we can help you get your children out of doors this summer so that you can all have hours upon hours of family fun and bonding together. Don’t hesitate to make your next vacation plans with us! You won’t be disappointed! 



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