How to Best Soak Up the Stunning Summer in Asheville, NC

How to Best Soak Up the Stunning Summer in Asheville, NC

The hustle and bustle of life. The craziness and running around. You fantasize about it ending one day - about peace and calm enveloping you and life become a joy once again. Which is exactly what a vacation is for! A vacation helps you unplug from from real life. Relax. Get back to actually enjoying your life. 

And you will be able to reach the greatest state of relaxation amidst the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains amidst the sophisticated yet calming charm of Asheville. 

Of course, you have to stay on top of yourself in order to truly relax while you vacation - there are far too many ways we can stay plugged in to work and our hectic normal life with our modern electronics. Which is exactly why reading a book is the perfect form of entertainment for you during your vacation! And we have the perfect book for you to indulge in while you stay in the luxurious mountains of Asheville, NC:


The Book - At Home in Mitford: A Novel by Jan Karon

Do you dream about a calm and peaceful life? A life filled with beautiful gardens, calm cups of coffee with the sunrise, and good hard work that ended with the sunset, leaving you with plenty of time to unwind and relax with your family before a long and sound night's sleep. Father Tim also dreams dreams about a calm and peaceful life. One where he is filled with energy, has sweet companionship, and gets to indulge in all his favorite baked goods. 

However, poor Father Tim is beset by fatigue, forgetfulness, and an enormous horse of a dog. He is thankful that at least he lives in an idyllic village where people love their gardens more than shopping and where the residents encourage tourists to visit…but for only for the afternoon. 

Father Tim’s lonely heart is slightly filled by the unexpected (and at first most unwelcome!) arrival of the horse sized dog. After discovering that the dog immediately calms upon hearing scripture read, Father Tim bestows the name Barnabas upon him. And decides that he can't help but welcome the dog into his home with open arms.

When a beautiful neighbor who is filled with joie de vivre moves in next door, Father Tim is enchanted. But he worries that his enchantment might betray a lack of devotion to his clerical calling. Will Father Tim be forced to choose between his God and his heart, or will a diabetic attack make that decision for him? In order to find out, and in order to also enter into the world of charming gardens and tasty tidbits of gossip over cold glasses of sweet tea that you will find in Mitford, you will have to pick this novel up yourself and bring it with you on your own escape into the idyllic realm of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A fun fact about Jan Karon, and this charming tale about the unforgettable Mitford, is that Jan Karon herself lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains! And if you have ever spent any time around her stunning home town of Blowing Rock, you will recognize where she draws her inspiration from! So, come to Asheville and be welcomed by your own Mitford, especially when you establish yourself as a temporary resident by renting a charming home of your own

We can’t wait to see you around Asheville and to welcome you into our own idyllic paradise, where the most stressful thing you will face is which pastry to indulge in with your afternoon tea! 

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