How to Best Accompany Your Turkey This Thanksgiving

Accompany Your Turkey This Thanksgiving

Yay! It’s that amazing time of year again called fall! And here at Asheville Connections in the stunning mountains of Asheville, NC, we couldn’t be more excited! Every bit of fall is gorgeous. The stunning color in the trees. Cool breezes ruffling your hair. The crunching of leaves underfoot. But you know what is the most delightful part of fall? Why the food of course! Apple pies. Pumpkins pies. Spiced coffees and apple ciders. Stuffing. Turkey. 

Thanksgiving encapsulates all that is delicious about fall and wraps it into one delightful, family centered holiday. Now, turkey is always the star of Thanksgiving dinner, or at least of the main course. And the turkey is best left untouched and beautifully roasted! (Or smoked - now that makes for an amazing Thanksgiving turkey.) So the way to add personal pizzaz to your Thanksgiving has to be found elsewhere. All the incredible variety at the Thanksgiving dinner table comes from the beautiful sides. And we have the perfect side dish to help you enhance your turkey this Thanksgiving in Asheville. (Or that will just gorgeously grace any fall dinner table!) 

Think creamy, crispy, succulent little morsels. Shaped into the perfectly sized bite. Parmesan and sausage beautifully compacted together. Is your mouth watering yet? It will be when you read through this beautiful recipe for stuffed mushrooms from Taste of Home. These will be a huge hit with children and adults alike! (And even with your friends and family members who don’t necessarily love mushrooms normally...) You must try them this fall!

The Recipe: Best-Ever Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe Card


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