Have an Asheville Adventure on the Asheville Urban Trail

Have an Asheville Adventure on the  Asheville Urban Trail | Asheville Connections

Asheville is an incredible place, a melting pot of cultures, outdoor adventures, and resident artist community. There is something magical about an Asheville vacation. Visitors may leave Asheville, but Asheville rarely leaves you. One great way to see and explore the city of Asheville is by taking the Urban Tour. Here’s everything you need to know about exploring the Urban Trail. 

What is the Urban Trail?

Asheville’s Urban Trail is a walking trail in downtown Asheville that consists of thirty “stations.” On the Urban Trail, every station introduces visitors to one of our great historical moments or the achievements of some of Asheville’s most remarkable individuals.  The tour is self-guided and while it's fun to take the tour from start to finish, you can also explore the trail in many different ways. While it is designed as a walking tour it's also easily explored by bike. 

A little history lesson

For a fascinating look into the origins of the Urban Trail you check out the video above. This 14-minute film "Walk into History" brings viewer behind the curtain of the making and of the Urban trail including discussions with the founders, planners and artist who inspired the trail.  The trail was begun in 1989 and was not complete until 2001 when the final station was complete. Asheville is proud of our community and the fact that so many came together to create this unique walking tour. 

Planning your walk

There are a few things about the Urban Trail that visitors need to know. First, you can take as much time as you like exploring the different stations. Most suggest that the trail takes about a two-hours to walk. However, if you really want to take in the whole trail you really need to set aside closer to four hours, but don’t worry there are lots of stops along the way so it is a relaxing trip. 

Things to combine with the Urban Trail

If you enjoy walking tours and generally getting out to explore the city you have to take a moment to visit the River Arts District. This area of Asheville is loaded with local artisans and offer everything from painting to glass blowing. Behind every door on in the River Arts District is a new artistic adventure waiting to be discovered. Check out our previous post: Discover the Local Artisans of Asheville

Walk the French Broad River

By know you’ve guessed there is a walking theme to this blog post. Hey we all could use a little more exercise and Asheville is a pedestrian friendly city if every there was one. The French Broad River is a wonderful feature of Asheville geography. After all river and mountains go together like peanut butter and jelly. While in Asheville, especially during the fall you’ll definitely want to take a walk along the French Broad River. For more information about the French Broad River click here!

Friday Night Drum Circle

If you are around on a Friday night stop by the Drum Circle, which is a blast and something unique to Asheville. Each Friday people gather, drum and dance the night away. Plus it is free.

Visit a brewery

Asheville is loaded with local breweries and there are more than just a few steps from the urban trail. Take some time to check out why Asheville is called Beer City USA and home to some of the best brews in the country. Please drink responsibly.

Crab a bite to eat

Who doesn’t love great food? From vegan to India, tacos to tappas there is truly something for everyone in downtown Asheville. Your biggest problem will be deciding which culinary adventure to combine with your urban tour. 

Where to stay

Are you looking for a secluded cabin? Maybe you are looking for a condo in the heart of downtown. One thing we can promise you is that we have just the right place for your next Asheville vacation. Make sure to book direct with Asheville Connections to get the best rates and customer service in Asheville. 


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Are you ready to explore downtown Asheville and discover the Urban Trail? If you are fall is the perfect time to explore the city. The weather is amazing and there are a lot of events ranging the from family-friendly to beer festivals making the our city the perfect place for your fall vacation. Give us a call today or click the button below to see our inventory of vacation homes. 

Have an Asheville Adventure on the  Asheville Urban Trail | Asheville Connections

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