Five Easy Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Mountain Vacation

Five Easy Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Mountain Vacation

Will this be a normal summer? This is the question many of us have had to grapple with as we plan or consider our summer vacation plans. Let's face it, the answer is that it definitely is not a normal summer. Coronavirus is still a part of the fabric of life at the moment. However, as states and North Carolina begin reopening you may be considering looking for a safe and fun place to have a family vacation. Luckily for you there is a perfect place that was almost tailor made for a little relaxing solitude. A place of natural beauty where Mother Nature designed and encourages social distancing as choice not a requirement. Welcome to Asheville, North Carolina. This week we have five tips for having a safe and fun mountain vacation in one the country's most beautiful locations. 

Find responsible activities

There is so much to do and see, but with the opening of trails and parks getting outside and having fun all while social distancing has never been easier. Forget the crowded beaches. Picture the kids bouncing down a secluded mountain trail or enjoy a day drifting down the French Broad River. Cycling, Kayaking, and hiking just to name a few activities are almost ready made for social distancing and fun! 

Check for updates

Things are changing quickly as the state reopens. Many restaurants and businesses are now open. However, this is also an individual choice of the business. The same goes for many of the areas attractions. If you have a specific attraction or destination you would like to see or visit it is always a good idea to call ahead, check their website or Facebook page.

Many of your favorite attractions like state parks are now open, however not all are offering full access to all amenities and attractions. Hours of operation or access my be abbreviated but there is plenty of time to get outside and enjoy places like Chimney Rock, Lake James, Mount Mitchell and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Need help finding specific information about an area attraction? Give us a call at 828-274-6978.

Be patient

Summer is often a time of hectic fun. You may be running to a summer event or juggling the demands of the kids who want to see and do everything. The reality is though, coronavirus has changed a few things and we all have to be a little more patient. A public restroom may not be available at a park, your favorite restaurant may only have curbside delivery. An attraction may be closed. But if we've learned anything these last few months it is to be grateful for the little things. The cool mountain air, the joy of seeing your first waterfall or the sound of kids exploring the edge of a hiking trail. Take a moment to step back, take a deep breath and be patient. The best things in life don't require much. Asheville is almost tailor made for a slower pace, embrace it and take this time to relax with your loved ones, A little patients 

Keep it simple

The only ingredient you need for a wonderful summer vacation is relaxation. This is an easy year to keep it simple. Rent a cabin, grab some books and boardgames, and take the family to the mountains. A cabin in the mountains with your loved ones is exactly the type of activity that is fun, safe and of course relaxing. Just imagine a cool summer morning with a hot cup of coffee on your porch over looking the North Carolina mountains. Now that is vacation worthy. 

Eagles View

Remember one of the advantages of a cabin or vacation home is that you are the only ones coming and going during your vacation. Unlike crowded hotels where there are lots of different visitors, in a vacation home you control who comes and goes. This also allows you to have better control of maintaining a safe a clean environment, making them a perfect place to vacation during the coronavirus. 

Take precautions

By now we have all been reminded of the simple things we can do to help prevent the spread and contraction of the coronavirus. All of these measures are easy to do and can be done while vacationing. Remember to where a mask when in public places to protect you and prevent the spread of the disease to others. When traveling wash your hands frequently. Avoid unnecessary touching of the face and eyes. 

While on the road bring hand sanitizer and clorox wipes to wipe down frequently touched or used surfaces. With a few simple precautions you can have a worry free vacation in Asheville this summer. 

Are you ready to take the next step and book an Asheville summer vacation? If you are we are ready to help you find that perfect vacation home, condo or cabin in the hearth of the North Carolina mountains. Give us a call today at 828-724-6978 or click the button below to see all of our current vacation homes. 

Five Easy Ways to Have a Safe and Fun Mountain Vacation

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