Experience Five of the Best and Most Unique Restaurants in Asheville

Experience Five of the Best and Most Unique Restaurants in Asheville

If we are honest, vacation is a lot about food. Who wants to count calories or eat at McDonalds during their vacation? Nobody. Well, if you are a foodie or just a fan of interesting places to eat, Asheville North Carolina is the place to be. Our beautiful city features some truly unique restaurants, which should be no surprise given Asheville's naturally quirky and fun atmosphere. From vegetarian to French cuisine, Indian to farm-to-table, there is something for every tastebud in Asheville. Now, to be fair, we only listed five restaurants in today's blog. But, we could have listed dozens more, so make sure to leave a comment below with the restaurant you most enjoyed during your last Asheville vacation. 

Fig Bistro

If you long to experience a haute take on mixed French and American cuisine, all overlaid with a hint of Old European charm, then Fig Bistro is definitely for you. You will find stuffed crepes made the way they were intended to be made, delicious pastas and salads, and even fancy po’ boys (which shouldn’t be surprising, since Louisiana’s cuisine was heavily influenced by the original French colonizers). While each meal feels luxurious, you don’t have to pay the price you might expect. Make Fig a part of your next vacation with us - you won’t regret it!

Laughing Seed Cafe

Billing themselves as Asheville's "original vegetarian restaurant," the Laughing Seed Cafe has been doing something right for a long time down on Wall St. in downtown Asheville. Perhaps best known as a place for dinner, they are open for lunch as well. And, if you are looking for a great place for brunch on Sunday, look no further than the Laughing Seed Cafe. Try the Cauliflower Crust pizza ... you will never look at pizza the same way again. 

Early Girl Eatery

It might be fair to say the Early Girl Eatery is now an institution among Asheville foodies. However, that does not mean the folks at the Early Girl, as it is called locally, have rested on their laurels. 

The eatery specializes in vegetarian dishes but, don't worry, there is truly something for everyone on this menu. One of the defining features of this restaurant is the freshness of the ingredients. All of the ingredients are locally and regionally sourced, making this a true farm-to-table restaurant. 

If we had one recommendation it would be to try the Early Girl for breakfast. Make sure to get there early as it is not uncommon for a long line to form, especially on the weekend. 


Here is what Cúrate has to say about themselves:  "Cúrate is a celebration of authentic Spanish cuisine. For those who have visited Spain, the Cúrate menu will bring back memories of the country's best jamón Ibérico, vermuterías, and lively tapas culture. In recognition of the restaurant’s all-Spanish wine list, Cúrate was listed as one of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2018. Cúrate means ‘cure yourself’ in Spanish, reflecting the belief held by chef Katie Button and her family that there are curative effects in sharing good food and wine with family and friends. Experience the essence of Spain in downtown Asheville… one plate at a time."

Chai Pani

If you've never enjoyed Indian food, you've never been to Chai Pani. I can recount several stories of taking skeptical folks to Chai Pani only to end up eating the next meal there. This is a truly wonderful place. The menu features what are considered Indian street cart foods. These tend to be smaller portions of unique dishes. Think savory, spicy and delicious. Trust us – your taste buds will love you and if you have kids, there are some great items on the menu to convert them to Indian cuisine foodies at an early age. 

Have you booked your 2021 vacation? If you have not decided where to go this spring, summer or fall, look no further than Asheville, North Carolina. Our beautiful mountain city in the heart of the North Carolina mountains offers great food, incredible outdoor adventures and one of the most unique cultural experiences in America. Give us a call today at 828-274-6978 to begin planning your Asheville vacation. 

Experience Five of the Best and Most Unique Restaurants in Asheville

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