Everything You Need to Know About our Local Brewery Tours

Everything You Need to Know About our Local Brewery Tours

Summer, winter, fall or spring is there any season that isn't beer season? If you answered no, than you will feel right at home in Asheville. Asheville is known as Beer City, USA and for good reason. The city is home to several great local and regional breweries along with several festivals all celebrating all things beer related. This week we pull back the curtain to reveal all that beer lovers will enjoy during their Asheville vacation. 

What exactly is a brewery tour?

Whether you love beer or just enjoy learning about a wonderful and unique side of Asheville brewery tours are fun and interesting adventures? But what is a brewery tour. 

A Brewery tour is a unique opportunity to get a close up and behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making some of the best beers in the nation. Most of the breweries are small allowing you to get a real sense of what it takes to make a craft beer. During a typical tour you will get to meet the brewmaster, learn the science of making great beer and even get a taste of the finished product. If you are a true beer nut, there is nothing more fun than a brewery tour. 

How can I find a tour?

Like everything there are some delays and closings do to Covid-19, but that won't last forever and there are still tours that are open. There are several ways to take a tour. We have a special one below that is really fun. One way, and perhaps the easiest way is to book a tour with Asheville Brewery Tours. The Asheville Brewery Tours offers walking tours and mobile tours. Regardless of which one you choose you are in for a treat. 

Most unique tour

If there was ever a brewery tour that combined all the weird and wonderful elements of Asheville into one fun day it is the Amazing Pubcycle. The pubcycle is a pub on wheels. No designated driver required. Hope on and ride around Asheville visiting all the best local breweries. This is the perfect way to get a group of friends together maybe to celebrate a birthday or other special event. The tours are non-stop fun and a staple in downtown Asheville. Maybe you've seen the pubcycle and wondered what that was all about. Well now you know. Hope on!

One tour you must take

If you only have time to take one tour the one to start with might just be the Highland Brewing Company, which is widely regarded as the first brewery to put Asheville on the map.  The brewery was founded in 1994 by Charlotte entrepreneur Oscar Wong. Highland is known for making some of the best beer in the industry. The company produces around 47,000 barrels making it one of the largest family owned breweries in the Southeast. 

Why is Asheville called Beer City, USA?

In 2009 Asheville won a national poll and was given the title of Beer City, USA. Since 2009 Asheville has won the award more than any other city in the country. Whether you love and IPA or a lager there is a brewery to mach your tastes. Asheville is home to well over 100 local breweries. Yes, it is true this is beertopia! Each brewery, like their beers, have their own unique and fun atmosphere.

Other cool tours

If you have a group of friends or maybe you are on a romantic getaway we have a cool tour for you. The Asheville Rooftop Bar Tour is an interesting way to see the city. 

Tour can be arranged for large groups and include visits to some of Ahseville's best bars with incredible views. Many of the bars are on iconic art deco buildings that themselves are worthy of a visit. One of our favorite tours is the sunset tour. Is there anything more beautiful than an Asheville sunset? We don't think there is either. Now is the perfect time to book a tour and check out what so many others have raved about. Click here for more information. 

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Everything You Need to Know About our Local Brewery Tours

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