Everything You Need for an Asheville River Adventure

Everything You Need for an Asheville River Adventure | Asheville Connections

The Asheville area is one of those majestic parts of the country. The city itself sits nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Each year the leaves turn offering visitors a beautiful display of colors rarely seen in other places. No matter what time of year you visit Asheville you'll find it as vibrant as the fall colors. With our unique blend of artists, music, shops, restaurants, and culture it is truly a city that touches everyone who comes here. Perhaps one of the areas best attractions is our area rivers that offer visitors wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. 

Staying safe on the water

Before we start heading for the water, it is worth taking a minute to talk about safety. Being on the water is a great Asheville  adventure but also requires a certain amount of respect for the water. Follow these tips to have a safe adventure:

1. Watch the currents

Rivers in the mountains are often very fast moving. Even when there are not rapids present the current can be fast. Be careful when in and around the water. This is especially true when you have small children around the water. 

2. Wear a PFD

It goes without saying but when around water it is best to always wear a personal flotation device. There are many styles of PFDs available to suit your specific need. Many of them are small and unobtrusive allowing you to fish, raft or kayak in comfort. At the end of the day they are always your best protection when in the water.

3. Know your limits

One of the biggest problems people face around the water is not knowing your limits. Whether kayaking, swimming or any other activity it is important to know when you might need a guide or partner. It is always best no matter what you are doing to take someone with you. 

4. Check your equipment

Anytime you head out on the water it is important to check your equipment. The time to find any problems or needed repairs is prior to heading out on the water.

5. Let someone know 

Whether you are kayaking or fly-fishing it always best to let someone know your where you are and where you intend to explore. There are also new technologies like iPhones or SPOT, which use GPS tracking and text messages to communicate with loved ones. Of course make sure to like and follow us on your favorite social media and let everyone know how much you love your Asheville Vacation. 

girls wearing life vests before white water rafting | Asheville Connections
white water rafting in Asheville NC | Asheville Connections
kayaking around the mountains | Asheville Connections

River Adventures



Kayaking is a fun and unique way to enjoy the local rivers. Paddling can be fast and furious or slow and relaxing… you decide. The local rivers offer a wide variety of experiences. Kayaks may be rented locally or you can bring your own. There are several options for guided tours.


Every year thousands of visitors enjoy tubing on the French Broad River. This is perhaps the easiest way to get on the river and certainly the most laid back. Picture your favorite recliner with a beer cooler and your music just drifting down the river with your family and friends, and that is what tubing is all about.

White Water Rafting

For those who like a fast-paced adrenaline rush there is nothing like white water rafting. Unlike kayaking or canoeing which allows for a couple of people to enjoy it at the same time. White water rafting allows the whole family or group to spend time together as you fly down the river.


Enjoying canoeing is one of the oldest forms of recreation on the French Broad River. Canoeing is a nice way to enjoy the river that is easy for a couple our a small family. It even allows you to paddle through Biltmore Estate. Many trips begin on Bent Creek, but there are several great outfitters and tours in the area. So grab a paddle and get ready to canoe Asheville

fly fishing in Asheville NC | Asheville Connections

All About the Fly Fishing

Few sports have such passionate enthusiasts as that of the fly fishing community. The North Carolina Mountains have long been a favorite destination of fly fishermen.  With our cool, crisp rivers and creeks that are ideal for trout it is no wonder fly fishermen have enjoyed the Asheville area so much. If you’ve never been fly-fishing, but enjoy fishing now is the year to discover this great sport. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear or perhaps need lessons, there are several outfitters in the area who can help you discover the joy of fly-fishing Asheville

Remember if you are considering fishing in North Carolina you must have a NC Fishing License. A license is required of everyone 16 years of age or older. Licenses can be purchased locally or online. Click here for more information. 

Are you ready to get on one of the area’s rivers? Have you booked your Asheville cabin yet? If you need help finding the perfect vacation home we can help.  Give us a call today at 828-274-6978 or click the button below to see our entire available inventory. There is still plenty of time to find your perfect river adventure!

Everything You Need for an Asheville River Adventure | Asheville Connections

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