Discover Where the Locals Love to Eat in Asheville

Discover Where the Locals Love to Eat in Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina is known for a lot of things. We have great outdoor activities, plenty of fantastic live music, and an active artist community, just to name a few. Perhaps one of the things you don't think about when planning your Asheville mountain vacation is food. Asheville however is a foodie's paradise! Our community is home to dozens of amazing restaurants, spanning a huge range of ethnicities and tastes. This week we have some of the best local places to eat that not only are we sure you'll love, but we know the locals love as well. We're sorry in advance for making you hungry. 

PennyCup Coffee Co logo | Asheville Connections

PennyCup Coffee Co. 

Starting a day without coffee... well it just isn't starting the day right is it? Since you need to get your favorite coffee beverage anyways, you might as well do it at one of the finest coffee shops in the area, dare we say the state. From lattes to a french press, this is the place to be for incredibly well roasted coffee, and yes you'll taste the difference. Start the day with what some call the elixir of life at PennyCup Coffee Co! 

dish from Chai Pani | Asheville Connections

Chai Pani- Indian Street Food

There is Indian food and then there is Chai Pani. Chai Pani specializes in Indian street food. The dishes here are savory and light. The menu features lots of vegetarian dishes and great Indian dishes with a little twist. If you love Indian food, we doubt you'll only be able to eat just once at Chai Pani! 

dish from Over Easy Cafe | Asheville Connections

Over Easy Cafe

If you love eating healthy while on vacation there is no place better to do that than the Over Easy Cafe. Located in the heart of Asheville this restaurant is a favorite gathering place for those who truly appreciate fresh ingredients and particularly vegetarian dishes. Organic produce and products are the order of the day at Over Easy Cafe and we're sure you'll be able to tell from the very first bite. 

Early Girl Eatery 

Early Girl, as it's known locally, features a wide range of dishes with an American flare. From vegetarian to meat dishes one thing is for certain... only the freshest local ingredients are used! Many places claim to use local produce and products but at the Early Girl, the dishes are literally designed around locally sourced products. Breakfast is hugely popular so if you plan on coming in the morning, come early. The line speaks to the popularity of this restaurant. 

Easy Girl Eatery Sign | Asheville Connections

White Duck Taco Shop

The world is simply a better place because of tacos and if there is a place to find the perfect taco, then the White Duck Taco Shop is it. The menu is extensive and the options read like a mouth watering novel. We actually will go ahead and dare you to have just one taco, because it just isn't going to happen. This is the place to take a chance and explore some new flavor combinations because you simply cannot go wrong with anything on this menu. 

French Broad Chocolates

What's a vacation without a little bit of sweets thrown in? Whether you are looking for a little indulgence or a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, French Broad Chocolates is the place to be! Leave the diet at the door when you visit this local treasure. All the handmade chocolates are made on sight and feature only the finest ingredients. This isn't cheap chocolate, but then again, who wants cheap chocolate anyway?

farm burger | Asheville Connections

Farm Burger

If you are a burger lover (and yes there is a veggie option), then you are going to love what the folks at Farm Burger are up to! This place takes making a burger to the next level. Forget your frozen, thin paddies. This place makes a burger the way you've always dreamed a great burger should be. Of course, there is more on the menu then just a beef burgers, but we don't want to ruin the surprise. 

Sunny Point Cafe

This cafe is a family owned, independent restaurant serving upscale comfort food from dawn to dark. Whether you want breakfast for dinner or a scrumptious dessert for breakfast they'll be happy to satisfy your craving. We take pride in our made-from-scratch products and farm-to-table approach with our menu selections. There are no shortcuts at Sunny Point Cafe every dish is a perfect reflection of the owner's passion for great comfort food. 


If you are looking for a truly spectacular place for a lovely meal, then you have found it at Rhubarb! This isn't your average restaurant... this is truly fine dining with food that resembles art more than food! The motto of Rhubarb is to bring people together and that food can be transformative. Well we have to agree that they have achieved this. With delicious dishes, a beautiful atmosphere, and award- winning service there is no real comparison to Rhubarb in Asheville. We are sure you'll agree. 

Rhubarb logo | Asheville Connections

Have we made you hungry yet? Hey, we apologized up front. If you want to visit these and many other great places in Asheville, all you need to do is give us a call today at 828-274-6978 or click the button below. You'll be in the beautiful mountains of Asheville before you know it. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you find the perfect Asheville cabin rental. See you soon and Bon Appetite!

Discover Where the Locals Love to Eat in Asheville

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