Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Cabin Rental

Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Cabin Rental

Summer is here and we are all looking for places to go and escape for a bit. 2020 has been a unique year and many families are looking for that perfect vacation destination. If you've recently purchased a vacation home in Asheville or looking for a new property management company then look no further than Asheville Connections. 

Our local staff and years of dedicated service to the Asheville vacation market make us uniquely situated to help you maximize the return on your vacation property. Need help making sure you get the most out of your rental. Check out these tips and tricks. Looking for even more services? Then give us a call and let us help you get the most out of your vacation rental. 

Have things to do

It sounds simple, and in reality it is, but having creative things to do in the cabin is a great way to add a little extra value to your vacation home. 

Create a place with board games, card games or maybe old timey types of games that you don't find often. Cabins are a great place for families, so puzzles and games are perfect. 

Create a charging center

Let's face it, everyone loves their technology whether it is a a smart phone or tablet, and we are always looking for charging stations. Did you know it is easy to replace an outlet or two with a USB outlet that allows folks the ability to easily charge all their technology in one place. For a few bucks you can add something unique to your property that will be much appreciated. 

Have a well stocked kitchen 

One great advantage of renting a cabin, especially for families, is the ability to cook and eat at home. Having a well-stocked kitchen can really make the difference in your renter's experience. The good news is many items are inexpensive and easy to find at local big box stores. 

Make a directory of local attractions

Sure, we all have smart phones and laptops, but there is something nice about having a simple directory for your guests. Don't over think it. A three ring binder will work perfectly for this add-on. Make a list of attractions and restaurants that you love and enjoy. Add little notes about things you've learned about each place. Think of it as a homemade Yelp review. Your visitors will love having some great local advice. 

Bikes, kayaks, canoes, and tubes

For a relatively small investment you can add these great things to your cabin. Folks will love having the ability to use these without searching for places to rent them or the hassle of carrying them with them. Asheville is such a great place to cycle, kayak and canoe, never mind tubing down the French Broad River. It would be a shame not to take advantage of these attractions. 

Have a guest book and send thank you notes

It sounds old school but a handwritten note is always appreciated. Have a small guest book and ask for folks contact info. A simple hand written thank you or a brief email from you, the owner, is a great way to let folks know that you appreciate their business. Remember the easiest and simplest way to get bookings is by having lots of repeat customers. 

Fast and convenient WiFi

WiFi is probably the biggest necessity in any modern vacation rental. Unless your rental is specifically off-grid and catering to a “technological getaway” crowd, your guests will expect WiFi as part of the rental package. In fact, not having fast wireless internet connection could actually deter guests from booking with you, or result in a bad review if it isn’t explicitly mentioned beforehand.

Keep it current

No one wants to feel as though they’ve stepped into a time warp. Vacationers want the same amenities and comforts they have at home. A bright roomy space that can comfortably accommodate friends or family. Furniture should be clean and look fairly stylish. This isn’t to say you must spend a lot of money to furnish your rental – not at all – but you don’t want your guests to feel as though they’ve walked into a home that has discarded furniture. Furnishing a rental property with items from consignment shops and tag sales is perfectly acceptable, providing your items don’t look beaten up.

Are you ready for your next mountain vacation? If you are, there is no better or scenic place than Asheville. We have great weather and loads of things to do and see. Give us a call today at 828-274-6978. With just a click of the button below you can begin your next Asheville adventure. 

Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Cabin Rental

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