Beautiful, Brilliant Summer is Coming to the Mountains, Are You?

Beautiful, Brilliant Summer is Coming to the Mountains 

Birds are twittering, blooms are blossoming, and summer is coming to the mountains surrounding these stunning cabins in Asheville, NC! Did we hear that right? Summer is coming? But it seems like spring just sprung a few weeks ago!

We know, but that isn’t going to delay summer’s quick march towards us. The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, is two weeks away! Which means that right now is the time to begin planning your summer vacations. Before we are in the middle of summer and it is too late to make summer vacation plans!


Escape the Heat 

Do You Want to Escape the Heat? 

With all the beauties of summer - long days, clear and starry nights, and deliciously lazy afternoons - also comes the inevitable heat of this much beloved season. Instead of retreating to the indoors and to air conditioning, come to a place where you are able to escape the heat while still enjoying all of your favorite outdoor activities. 

Here in the beautiful mountains surrounding our Asheville cabin rentals, the middle of the afternoon will include shade. Sweet cool breezes. And plenty of hammock-perfect weather. You will get to vacation like royalty, between the beautiful and comfortable vacation home you are staying in and the stunning sweeping mountain views. Waterfalls and shaded hiking trails will provide more cool, outdoor fun. 



Are You Looking for a Serene Paradise?

Not only are the mountains of Asheville, NC, deliciously cool during the summer, but they are also serene. Do you know what one of the most soothing colors in the color palate is? Blue of course! And the second most soothing color? Green! Here, nestled in the Blue Ridge, you are surrounded by every shade of both of those stunning colors. Blue in the sky, blue in the surrounding streams and water falls, and blue in the mountain landscape. Green in the trees, green in the grass, and green, too, in the mountain vistas before it melts into blue.

Staying in one of our charming cabins in Asheville, NC, is the perfect way to get close to nature without actually going camping. All of the outdoor fun in the sun you indulge in will help you adjust your circadian rhythms, and all that fresh air will help you sleep better at night. And when you awake in the morning it will be with a smile (and without a rock in your back), as the sun greets you from in-between the mountains just outside of your window, birds singing their hearts out as the sun’s rays caress the earth. 

The mountains of Asheville, NC, are the perfect getaway from all the chaos that makes up normal, daily life. And that is what you are looking for from a vacation, right?


Shopping and Culture 

Want a Space for Fun Shopping and Culture?

With a busy, active, family you will want to be able to indulge in dinner out (which means no dishes!) along with a spot of shopping with your girls or just for yourself. Asheville is not only surrounded by some of the most beautiful views in the country, but it is also filled with incredible foodie finds and charming, artsy stores. Plus, Asheville is filled to bursting with history and culture, which will delight every inquiring and active mind. Which we know that you have. F. Scott Fitzgerald called Asheville home for a while, writing away all the while. O. Henry lived in Asheville for a spell, and we can only imagine that he soaked up lots of inspiration for his incredible short stories while here. Art was stored in the Biltmore during World War II, bringing history from that era to this charming city. Plus, the Biltmore is both a beautiful and historical landmark in itself. Just imagine the creative inspiration that you yourself might gather during your vacation in Asheville? 

The mountains of Asheville, NC, are the perfect place to spend your summer vacation, with their cool summer breezes, the serene surroundings, and the art and history that sound here. It is time to book your summer vacation now before you are too late! 


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