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Couple drinking Beer, Asheville, NC, Beer MonthAsheville is long-reigning Beer City USA! That means that not only will the micro-breweries, you've come to love be there, but - you've got it - craft brewers will be coming into town to compete! I know that for me that means I'm be stocking up on carbs and starting the rounds. While not everything in Asheville revolves around alcohol, Asheville does try to take time to appreciate the hard work that goes into growing and preparing hops (and whatever other secret ingredients are used) to make a really great glass of beer. While it may not be art, a well done pint speaks volumes, especially paired with a burger. As the weather heats up, serving burgers straight off the grill becomes a quick favorite and one of the most common beverages to serve with a cookout is beer. However, there is one way to serve it I'll bet you haven't thought of.

A Tribute to Beer Recipe Card, Printable, Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Dip

Usually when you think of beer, you think of it cold, with a small foam head, and condensation rolling down the outside of the glass. The image so easily summoned is fabulous, don't get me wrong, but there is another way to use it you may not have thought of that's sure to become an instant favorite. Everyone knows about adding some for sausages to soak in before cooking them or using a beer batter for deep frying, but do you know about cheese beer dip? As an appetizer, various renditions  starting to gain traction in "all-American, sit-down" type restaurants and now you can bring it home with you. The recipe I've included is for Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Dip, is surprisingly easy, and is a big hit (check out our awesome printout above for the recipe!). The greatest part is that everyone can serve themselves on whatever they want; pretzels, chips, crackers, the options are endless, so everyone can tweak it a little to tailor exactly to them! Around my family table, that makes this a great success.

Asheville Brews, May, 2015, Beer Month, Asheville, NCPull Up a Chair and Grab Some Cheese Dip

In the south we're known all over the country for our hospitality and this appetizer is one way you can extend that to your own guests. Beer, and by extension, beer cheese dip is great to chat over while you catch up and make new memories with old friends. With the spirit of the south in your kitchen and the flavor of Ashville on your table, there's no way you can go wrong. So, cheers to you. May your table be full of friends, your house full of laughter, and your cheese full of beer!

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