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When you picture the deep south, it often comes with images of little old women sitting on a front porch in sundresses (or coordinating track suits) sipping at cold glasses of sweet tea or lemonade. Another thing that stands as a hallmark of the south is pie; strawberry, pecan, blueberry, apple, cherry - we make a lot of pies. As much as I love a glass of sweet tea and appreciate it's soothing qualities on the hot days we have, the simple fact is that it doesn't translate to pie well. Lemonade, however, is excellent pie.

Pull up a chair and have a slice... Frozen Lemonade Pie Recipe

Pie has legendary restorative qualities (especially here in the south). If you're having a bad  day, you need a slice of pie. If you're having an argument with your significant other or family, skip the slice, bring a whole pie and talk it over. Pie is soothing and seems to make people more reasonable and even when everything is going well, pie - simply put - makes everything better and brings people closer together. Lemonade pie is the perfect way to bridge the gap or just kick back and relax without serving a hot dessert. Check out our awesome printable recipe card for a great recipe. Lemonade pie also has the added bonus of being relatively simple to make. The one challenge is to keep the filling the right consistency - stiff and thick enough to stay standing in the crust, but still soft enough to cut through and eat easily. However, even this difficulty has an easy fix. Keep the ingredients as cold as you can allowing them to remain in the state they are supposed to be in (thawed or unthawed as indicated on recipe card) while you mix them. By doing so, you allow all the ingredients to remain as close to the consistency you want for the filling as possible. While it might take a couple tries to really get it down to a science of flawlessly delicious, it's really hard to mess up lemonade pie, making this the perfect dessert to kick your summer get away off with.

Let's be honest

We all need time with the people we love and every once in a while you need a dessert that offers more than a sugar-sweet taste. A cold glass of lemonade is one of those things in life that just sounds like a little bit of heaven after a busy day. When you find a good glass of lemonade that's perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, it's hard to believe it can be improved on. But, sometimes a glass just isn't enough, sometimes you need a slice 

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