Asheville Eats Shrimp and Grits

Asheville Eats Shrimp and Grits Social Sharing ImageEven the south has its chilly days and we crave something warm and soothing to share over the table with the people we love. Just like everyone else, our comfort food of choice has become a quick favorite to share with family, friends, and visitors, even when it's not cold out. As the renown of southern cooking has spread and the rest of country has accepted grits as an actual food in and of itself the nationwide so has the craving for our favorite entrees - shrimp and grits!

Shrimp and Grits for Everyone!

 One of the the most well known and loved recipes in southern culture is also one of the easiest to completely botch. Shrimp and grits has become a hallmark of southern cuisine that has been embraced by most of the rest of the country as ideal southern comfort food.  The key to really great shrimp and grits  is to to know what you like. The focus in this post is on Cheesy Bacon Grits, but you can mix it up however you want! Make it spicy with creole seasoning or go with a baked potato theme with sour cream, chives, bacon and cheesy grits. The base ingredient of grits is cornmeal, so any flavor combination that tickles your fancy is fair game! You can grill the shrimp with seasonings before you add it, or just add it plain! Or make the shrimp mild and make a grits topping bar and let everyone make their bowl as unique as their personality!
There are two important steps to keep in mind while making grits. The first step is to add the cornmeal gradually. If you add it too fast or stop stirring while you add it, you'll get really clumpy grits. Now, if you prefer clumpy grits, adding the cornmeal all at once isn't really a problem for you, but if you like smooth grits you need to be careful to gradually add the cornmeal. The second key to grits is constant stirring. The milk at the beginning must be stirred to prevent scalding. Likewise, the cornmeal mixture must be stirred constantly to keep the grits from burning. As it thickens, you'll need to pay attention to the bottom and sides of the pan as well. If the grits stick to any surface of the pot for too long, they'll burn or start to make clumps.
No matter how you fix them, shrimp and grits are easy to personalize so they're just right for you. If you're a veteran or adventurous, you can play around with the spices and flavor combinations. However, if you're feeling a little insecure about your southern culinary abilities, try the bacon and cheese shrimp and grits included!
 Asheville Eats Shrimp and Grits printable recipe card

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